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motivational sayings - pink flowerSometimes when we are having a difficult day, all we may need is a little nudge of inspiration to take us to the next level. Great motivational sayings can comfort, inspire and sometimes even shake up our lives in a positive way. Here are 8 motivational sayings by Veronica Hay that may help you put your life into perspective today and inspire and motivate you to move forward with your dreams. Enjoy!


“Your dreams are the gateway to your soul.

It is the dream realized that sets your soul to dancing

and it is the dance that matters, it is the dance that sets you free.

Remember, you did not come here to sit on the sidelines and watch.

You came here to dance!” ~ Veronica Hay


“No one can tell you what your truth is or how to get there.

They can only soften the path a little.

But if you are awake and alive, there will come a time when

you will have to examine your own heart.

Whatever you do today, remember ONE thing.

That in the end, all that really matters is the LOVE!

Did you seek it? Did you find it?

But most importantly – DID YOU GIVE IT?

Remember the LOVE.” ~ Veronica Hay



The difference between caring and intimacy.

The difference between romance and rapture.

The difference between intelligence and genius.

The difference between living and being alive.

~ Veronica Hay


“Today, really listen to the person who is with you right now,

whoever that may be, a client, a friend, a customer.

They are the most important person in your world at this precise moment.

And if you listen, really listen, in your rapt attention,

they may say something YOU really need to hear.”

~ Veronica Hay


“Whatever you do today, put your whole heart and soul into it.

Let mediocre be dammed.

Strive for excellence!”

~ Veronica Hay


“Gratitude opens doors!

It paves the way to abundance and prosperity like nothing else.

It can line your pockets with gold

and fill your bank account quicker than a New York minute.

Yet, how many of you are living from a thankful heart each day?” ~Veronica Hay


“FORGET today …

Forget your age, forget your past, forget your aches and pains.

And begin to Remember…

Who you really are and why you came here.

And how very much you are loved.” ~ Veronica Hay


“May there be a miracle in YOUR life today…

…and may you have the EYES to see it.” ~ Veronica Hay


Stay tuned for more motivational sayings, inspirational words, and life qoutes to come…

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