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When my home is clear, my mind is clear, and so this year I took advantage of the time off during the holidays to clear the clutter out of my life.I spent several days over Christmas and New Year’s Eve going through all of my stuff. I discovered a lot about myself and my things.

I have over 700 books, and some of them I didn’t even know I had. I love books! Just being surrounded by them makes me feel great. As if all that knowledge will seep into my brain, just by being in the same room with them. I find them comforting to read and also just to look at on the shelves.

I have hundreds of cassette tapes and CD’s and DVD’s as well, and this week I found several that I thought were long gone. I discovered items in the cupboards that I had totally forgotten about. I found things I once cherished and felt so happy to see them again, the way you would a long lost friend. I felt compelled to do this de-cluttering.

I am not really sure why. Perhaps because a New Year was right around the corner and I wanted to start it being clear in all areas of my life. When my home is out of balance, I feel the same way myself, and so, I needed to make things right. It feels wonderful to walk around here now. Much more alive and free and easy.

Today, I am going to think about, get clear about, what it is I would like to accomplish in this new year. I am going to think about the things that would bring me joy and a sense of fulfillment. I am not going to make a list of things I must do, should do, have to do. No! I am goint to make a list of only those things I have always truly longed to do.

Last year, I took a class from a woman who is a “doer”. She usually has about 15 projects on the go all the time, and accomplishes almost all of them, one after the other, and while I felt a great deal of admiration for her, I couldn’t help but also feel exhausted just watching her.We live in a world where “doing” is considered much more important than just “being”. We place much more importance on what a person “has to SHOW for themselves”, than what a person IS!

Sometimes, it is fun to get things done, and sometimes, it is not. Sometimes, it just feels right to do NOTHING! When I was sick several months ago, this became so clear to me. I had no choice but to just lie down and rest and do nothing, and turn everything over to a higher power. Part of me felt so relieved. Ironically, things worked out just fine without me being there trying to make something happen.

I guess the point I am trying to make here is: do whatever you feel called to do. If that means cleaning out your cupboards, then do that. If it means setting yourself some significant goals for the New Year, then by all means get out your pen and paper and make your list.You may find yourself listing as one of your goals: time for yourself, time to just sit and daydream, time to listen to the birds sing and watch the flowers grow, time to walk in a forest and hear the message in a babbling brook, time to delight in a beautiful sunrise and mellow in the setting sun, time to be alone and revel in your most cherished memories, time to curl up with a good book and a hot cup of camomile tea.

Dear Heart, my wish for you this New Year is that you take the time to laugh, and dream, and cry, and plan, and sing, and dance, and savor, and devour, and watch, and witness, and meditate, and contemplate, and remember, and forget, and allow, and wish, and just BE, the beautiful, wonderful, resourceful, brilliant, spectacular being, you already are.

Veronica Hay is the author of In a Dream, You Can Do Anything, A Collection of Words, An Extraordinary Collection Of WritingsThat Will Uplift You, Motivate You, Inspire You, And Gently Guide You Along The Inner Path Of Your Life.

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  1. Veronica’s avatar

    This is truly beautiful. Well said. Thanks for sharing.

  2. nudgeme’s avatar

    Brilliantly put Veronica and I couldn’t agree more with letting go of all the shoulds, musts, can’ts etc and just spending some time being rather than doing. A friend of mine was talking about NY resolutions the other day, saying she hadn’t set any this year, but was rather choosing to focus on a ‘going with the flow’ resolution, which I think echoes what you’re saying here and I like the idea of!
    I also agree that clearing the clutter out of your life is a great way to bring in new energy!
    Lovely post Veronica, thanks
    All the best

  3. Linda M Jones-Mann’s avatar

    What a nice thought, clear out the clutter of your life, do something that will help you feel better. I will! Thank you Veronica

  4. Joyce’s avatar

    Thank you Veronica, I feel calmer already.

  5. Laura’s avatar


    We can all take a lesson from you. I am compelled to make a full list of things I LOVE to do while I leave on a mental health break with my husband for an extra long weekend tomorrow. I am hoping this will inspire me to actually take action to accomplish them because when I do this, I know my subconscious and conscious mind work in unison to make it happen.

    Enjoy the decluttering of your home and now life. Cheers to a wonderfully complete 2010 to the end!

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