Day 14, 15 and 16 – August Abundance Abounds

Good Friday Morning Everyone on this, the Fourteenth Day of August, 2009

Here is the quotation for today as well as for the upcoming weekend in the
August – Abundance Abounds – Daily Project.


“How do most of us respond when we are given an “unexpected gift? We usually are a little taken aback and utter something like, “Oh, you shouldn’t have done that?”

What if they should have done that? What if they wanted to do that? What if it brought them great joy to do that for you and your only job was to receive it, appreciate it and simply say “Thank You!”

And what if the universe has been trying to shower you with gifts for most of your life and you are just not letting them in? What if?

From this moment forward, what if you simply began to EXPECT to receive wonderful gifts from the universe each day? These presents could be in the form of physical objects, as well as gifts of affection, playfulness, service, kindness, grace, generosity, insight, guidance, intuition, joy, humour and love.

Expectation is a powerful emotion and hard to do for those of us who feel that we have been disappointed so many times by life that we don’t even allow ourselves to expect anything good to happen any more. It just hurts too much when we don’t get it, or we do get it and it doesn’t last very long.

What if, just for today, you dropped your defenses against life and just pretended that the quotation at the beginning of this article is true? What if you opened your arms, literally, and told the universe that you were willing, simply willing, to receive?

What if? Try it for one day and just see what unfolds in your life.”
Copyright © Veronica Hay

See you on Monday.

Take care and have an abundant day and a fulfilling weekend.

May there be a miracle in your life today… And may you have the eyes to see it…

Love and blessings, Veronica M. Hay, Author/Publisher Visit her website at:

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