Day 21 – 24 – August Abundance Abounds

Good Friday Morning Everyone on this, the Twenty-First Day of August, 2009

Here is the excerpt for today and the upcoming long weekend in the August – Abundance Abounds – Daily Project.
What You Are Wanitng Is Wanting You
Copyright © 2005 by Veronica M. Hay

I have heard those words so many times and always find them to be so comforting. On the weekend I went to several garden centres here to pick up lots of beautiful trees, vines, herbs and flowering plants for my balcony garden. I have been wanting to purchase a PASSION FLOWER plant for some time now. Passion flowers are exotic and mesmerizing. Small round fruits follow after the exotic flowers.

I saw one a few weeks ago but it was $75.00 which I thought was just a little bit too expensive for one plant. But I really, really wanted a passion flower plant. I had strong emotion around it and whenever I really, really want something, I always get it. I didn’t want to pay that much for it however.

Last Saturday, in one of the garden centres, I found the most beautiful passion flower plant I had ever seen. It was covered from top to bottom with an abundance of beautiful buds and many flowers which were already in bloom. My friend held it up in the air so that I could take a closer look and at just that moment, one of the long tendrils on the plant literally reached around and over to me and attached itself to the button on my blouse.

I was stunned and my friend’s jaw dropped. And then I remembered the words I had heard so often. “What you are wanting is wanting you”. I knew this plant was for me. We belonged together. It was just waiting there for me to come and pick it up. So I purchased it right on the spot as a gift to myself. And it only cost $39.00!!!

So YOU might want to ask yourself what it is that YOU – REALLY, REALLY WANT and then be on the lookout, because you are sure to get it.

See you on Tuesday, August 25, 2009.

Take care and have a peaceful and happy day.

May there be a miracle in your life today… And may you have the eyes to see it…

Love and blessings, Veronica M. Hay, Author/Publisher

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