The Done Deal

The following piece is part of Day 7 in my NEW “Prosperity Puzzle Pieces” 30 Day Program to Create more Prosperity in your life. Special Discounted Price available for my Blog Readers – Click Here:

 The Done Deal The Done Deal
Copyright © 2011 by Veronica Hay

If you have made a choice for example, to BE wealthy and you find yourself still struggling, that is a sign that something is out of alignment.

So, if you decide to experience more wealth in your life and you are holding the feeling of that, the essence of that in your heart and mind, but over lunch with a friend you both start talking about how bad the economy is, that your sales are down and you don’t know how you are going to pay your rent this month, then you have just contradicted in word and vibration, what you originally put out there.

This is not a conversation a wealthy person would have. This is a conversation a scared person would have. And it is not a conversation you have the luxury of indulging in either if you want to go where you say you want to go. You cannot decide to BE something and hold that state and then have contradictory thoughts, feelings, conversations or actions around it. If you find yourself doing something like this, then of course, don’t beat yourself up about it, just gently notice and steer yourself back on track.

What you need to do next is prepare for its arrival. Just as you would prepare a nursery for your unborn baby if you were pregnant, you must do the same for your inner creation.

Once you make a very conscious choice with conviction knowing that your desire is on the way to you, it is basically “A Done Deal.”

Several years back when I was working on creating more wealth in my life, I would often go to the beautiful Banff Springs Hotel which is an hour and a half drive from where I live in the Rocky Mountains.

I would go there and sit in this lovely room which was open to the public, with old wooden desks and big winged back chairs with huge windows and I would write in my journal. I would write about my life as I desired it to be as if I were already living that.

The view was spectacular and I would sip coffee as I basked in the ambience and the opulence of being in such a majestic place. One could never feel poor in a place such as this. And it was freely available for just the price of some java. I was preparing myself for wealth by putting myself in the “energy” of wealth and acting “as if” I was already there.

And it felt sooooo good, very natural. I suppose being surrounded by so much beauty and incredible abundance made me realize how available prosperity can be for us if we only “have the eyes” to see it.

So, here is a review of the process of creation.

- Decide what it is you want.
- Get very clear about what that is and why you want it. The “why” is important!
- Write it down.
- When negative thoughts or feelings show up and in the beginning they surely will, write those out on a separate sheet of paper, as explained in Day 4 – Clearing the mental clutter.
- Focus once again on your desire. Find ways in your day to feel good, to experience the ”feeling state” of what you believe having your desire would bring you.

Remember your worksheets for doing this are available on Day 6 if you need them.
The above piece is part of Day 7 in my NEW “Prosperity Puzzle Pieces” 30 Day Program to Create more Prosperity in your life. Special Discounted Price available for my Blog Readers - Click Here:

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    I wish that I could write as well as you do in your blog, congratulations.

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