Agelessness – A Conversation with Dr. Deepak Chopra

"inspirational words"The concept of Agelessness has always both fascinated and perplexed me. I have known people who joyfully, never seemed to age and I have know those who, very sadly, grew old long before their time. And so, in an interview I conducted with Dr. Deepak Chopra, I asked him the following question about Agelessness. What he answered has stayed with me always and served me very well. I hope it does the same for you.

Here is my question: Dr. Chopra, you have stated that if we could effectively trigger the intention not to age, the body would carry it out automatically. Could you explain that?

Dr. Chopra: Yes, because intentions are the triggers for transformation in the body. If you want to wiggle your toes, you do it through intention. There are two components to biological information in the body, one is intention, the other is attention. So to go back to the example I gave you, to wiggle your toes. The first thing that happens is that your attention goes there and the second thing is there is an intention, so this biological information with attention and intention is what biological information is given. Awareness that acts as biological information goes to components, then an informational component, and then there’s a localizing component, and that’s how the body behaves.

If you can wiggle your toes with the mere flicker of an intention, why can’t you reset your biological clock? The reason most people can’t do it is because, first, they never thought of it and secondly, they think that certain things are easier to do than other things. For example, it is easier to wiggle the toes than reset the biological clock, but that is just a belief that is rooted in superstition. If we could understand that the human body is a network of information and energy, then we would see that the same principles apply everywhere in the body.

Veronica: That is just what I was about to say, something as profound as stopping the aging process, or actually reversing the aging process, one would think would have to be implanted at a deep level for it to work.

Dr. Chopra: No, it’s the same mechanism. It’s just that we have been indoctrinated into believing that some things are easier, some things are more difficult. Expectations determine outcome, always!

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