What if Today, You Made the Choice of Ease?

I woke up this morning feeling sad and thinking of all the things I had to do today and how I needed about 10 more hours in the day in order to get it all done.

With this kind of thinking, to tell you the truth, I did not even want to get out of bed. Overwhelm does that to you. It is paralyzing.

So, I decided to have a small chat with myself. What if, I just made the decision to take it easy today?  As usual, I have been working long hours and trying to do too much. It just wears me down after a while.  But, what if today, I made the choice of ease.

Then, I decided to work on only those things that really had to be done, promises I made to customers waiting etc and to do these things in a more gentle way. No rushing, no stress! Simply EASE, as though I really did have all the time in the world.

As soon as I made that choice, I felt so much lighter and things immediately started to improve everywhere.

It feels so much better physically as well, to just work from a light, easy and joyful place, rather than rushing to get things done as fast as possible, moving onto the next thing, and the next thing, and the next thing, on our “to do” list, with our body tense, anxious and tight. Nothing good can really come from that healthwise.

I also decided that If I felt like crying, that was fine as well, I didn’t stuff it inside or put it off,  telling myself I was just too busy to cry. I simply cried and it moved right through me, and in a little while I was fine again. I think that crying can be a good thing, a releasing and cleansing experience.

Amazingly, after a while, I began to see all the blessings in my life right where I am NOW, and I was able to really appreciate those things in a much more profound way and SEE them from a fresh and different perspective.

And I had a great insight, the FEELING of EASE and the FEELING of ABUNDANCE are exactly the same thing.  As long as I am feeling light and easy, I am much more likely to have an abundant day and a fulfilling life.

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  1. Julie’s avatar

    Just to say thank you for your time and insights and inspirations. May God bless you always!!

  2. Peter’s avatar

    I can relate with this Veronica! When I feel I’m bogging myself down with to-do’s, I make a similar intention of ease by deciding that for the next hour I will allow myself to fully engage with this one activity without thinking about the rest. There’s so much freedom in deciding to be at ease.

  3. johana’s avatar

    Hi Veronica, What a coincidence. I was just telling my client today how I am very busy. I have 3 kids and my husband works outside the city where we live. I feel like am a single mother and for that reason I try to see that I do everything that is on my to-do list that day but I realised that at the end of the day, I am more than the word wornout.
    And when i look in the mirrow I see an old woman. Before reading your article I decided that I was going to take things more slowly, no more rushing. Reading this article has helped to confirm that decision. So thanks a lot.

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