Fabulous February!

Thank you again to all of you who have chosen to take part in “The Gift of February” Celebration project. (If you don’t know what I am talking about, see Saturdays blog post for January 31, 2009 or listen to the audio on my website here at:http://www.insightsandinspirations.com/february.html )

For today, the fourth day of February 2009, I thought I would share something I wrote a few years ago entitled “Generosity of Spirit”

I think it fits right in with the spirit of “The Gift of February” Project. When we are living our lives from a more conscious place, it seems that opportunities to be generous in spirit show up everywhere. Today, be on the lookout for them.

Enjoy, and I look forward to hearing from you, in the comments below.

Generosity of Spirit
Copyright 2006 by Veronica M. Hay

Be generous with your time …
Stay fully present with each encounter, as if this moment, is the most important,
and nothing else exists.

Be generous with your words …
Never miss an opportunity to tell someone how you feel about them, or something they have done. A word of encouragement, a note of appreciation, a sincere compliment, can brighten someone’s day and even change a life.

Be generous with your thoughts …
Think the best of others, and see them as they would like to be, and not as they are now.

Be generous with your money …
Find an occasion to share what you have with others.
Money is like love, the more you give away, the more returns to you.

Be generous with your heart …
Keep it open, no matter how frightening that may be sometimes. An open heart will heal every ailment and restore peace to your soul.

Be generous with your smile …
Give it away to everyone you meet, and see the world reflected back to you, in joyous celebration.

Be generous with your love …
It is who you really are, and why you came here,
and in the end, it is all that really matters anyway.

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  1. Marisa’s avatar

    Thanks, Veronica, for the invitation to share your February Gift! Of course, I’ll join in.

    As to what I’m determined to accomplish this month, I’m planning to live from a more conscious standpoint. I’m doing my best to be more easy-going even when chaos invades me, to accept others as they are and to live every second more deeply, accepting whatever happens to me with an open attitude and feeling sure that I am where I should be.

    These are positions I’ve been adopting for quite a while and I’m trying hard to strengthen them.

    Regards, Marisa

  2. patricia ward’s avatar

    Good Morning Veronica

    Yesterday was a little challenging personally for me, but I did what I could and have given the probelm to God. I attended my spriritual dance group last night …..we dance with different colour ribbons to worship music….this gave me an amazing lift after a stressful day.

    I would like to send a word of encouragement to all those who want to accomplish wonderful things this month. Let us move past the difficultlies in life doing what we can and then turinng them over to a higher power, so that we can get on with living and taking hold of all the wonderful things life offers us each day. Life is truly a gift given to each one of us. Let us not take it for granted even in times when things dont work out as we hoped.

    Let us press on and be open to life and all the wonderful things that come our way this month.

  3. Pam’s avatar

    Hi Veronica..

    I would so much like to participate in this wonderful Febuary exercise…

  4. Fawaz’s avatar

    Thank you Veronica, you have really made my day. I’m grateful. Thank you. I hope to have a lot to talk about at the end of the month. Later. Fawaz

  5. Belinda Da Costa’s avatar

    Dear Veronica

    When I found your website I said a prayer of thanks. It is so special.
    The way you write and the inspiration I find from your writings always uplifts me. Thank you for beening so authentic.

    I will still purchase your e-book when I have the resources to afford it. I will write my story, but I am not sure how to put it on the blog. I will find out.

    Keep sharing.
    You are blessed and loved by me, Belinda

  6. Peter’s avatar

    Finished today’s writing! It was shorter than normal, but I got it on paper. I’ll be back tomorrow!!

    Good luck everyone.

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