Hit the Reset Button

 Hit the Reset ButtonYesterday I was having some problems with the keyboard that I purchased to go with my iPad. I would type a few sentences and some of the words wouldn’t come out as I had typed. They showed up as something totally different. I tried fixing the problem myself, all to no avail, and so I ended up calling customer support.

After 5 phone calls and 3 different “advisors” as they are called now, the problem was finally fixed. What was required in the end was simply to “hit the reset button” and start all over again.

Sitting there feeling somewhat angry and frustrated at the time I perceived as wasted, in a very busy day, I thought to myself. “Wouldn’t it be nice if we could do that. When we feel out of sorts, disappointed, annoyed or unforgiving towards others, what if we could just hit the reset button.”

And then it occurred to me that we could do exactly that. We always have a choice. I could sit there and fume about the poor customer service, dash off an email complaining to the company, admonish them on Twitter, none of which would make me feel very good in the end. Or, I could simply let go of any negative thoughts or feelings around this situation, look to see if there were any “gifts” in the experience (it gave me something to write about on my blog  for today) and just move on.

I always have a choice as to how I want to feel in every moment.  So, I did just that. I “hit my reset button” and started all over again.

What a relief to be able to set myself free, get back to my day, and focus on what is working in my life!

Have a joyful day and remember to “hit your reset button” today if you need to.

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  1. Tamsin@nudgeme.co.uk’s avatar

    Hi Veronica

    I loved your post today about hitting the reset button…! I had also been getting myself worked up about something that was interrupting my busy day today and your words came just at the right time. You are so right, we all have a choice in how we respond to irritations, or indeed anything else, and the idea of simply hitting reset in our minds and then enjoying getting on with the rest of our day really resonated.

    Great post which I’m going to retweet now ……

    All the best


  2. Tamsin@nudgeme’s avatar

    Hi Veronica

    Just loved your post on hitting the reset button today. I’d been having an irritating time with something myself and it came at just the right time! You are so right that we have a choice to hit our own reset button when something is frustrating us, or indeed anything else, and I loved your point about doing that then getting back to your day.

    Great post and have just retweeted!

    ATB Tamsin

  3. Veronica Hay’s avatar

    Thanks Tamsin for the Re-Tweet and glad the post resonated with you. It is so much more freeing to just let things go sometimes and move on. Take care and enjoy your day. All the best, Veronica

  4. Vikram’s avatar

    A true serendipity ” Self Reset” inventor Veronica M Hay. The whole world will surely use it. I will. Thank you . May there be a miracle in your life today and may you have the eyes to see it.

  5. Mele’s avatar

    Veronica, I loved your thoughts on your blog today! Have a beautiful day!
    Love, Mele

  6. Patrick’s avatar

    Great message, Veronica! Thanks. Love and Blessings, Patrick

  7. Ray Thorp’s avatar

    Hi Veronica, I love the reset button, it is so true that it can only take one little situation (a car cutting us off, or something similar) to play on our minds for the whole day and to spoil it so …….Wham! Press the reset button and forget it, and then continue to have the best day ever …. Love it.

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