How Many Ways to Die, My Love?

I ran into a dear old friend recently whom I hadn’t seen or spoken to in many years. We sat together for a little while and talked about our lives and reminisced of times gone by. He spoke mainly of regrets and unrealized dreams. The passion I had seen in his fiery eyes all those years ago was gone, the light had gone out.

I felt deeply saddened as I watched him walk away slowly, his step without purpose, his body weary. He was still living and breathing, but no longer fully alive and I found myself thinking these words as he disappeared into the distance…

How many ways to die, My Love?
Copyright © 1990 by Veronica Hay

Every time we stop thinking we can.
Every time we deny who we really are,
Or what we truly could be.

Like owning a mansion and opening the front door,
But never going inside any of the other rooms,
For fear of what we might find there.

How sad there are no funerals for the Walking Dead.
No corpse to bury. No tears to shed.
No final moment of glory.
No words of comfort, that might stir our soul onto life… At lasting.

How do we recognize each other?
By what we have in common.
A book unwritten – A song unsung – A play unplayed
A child unborn – A world unseen
A love not given, or worse not taken.

So many miscarriages, never a birth.
So many excuses, never a reason.

Often our path in life is like a walk through a graveyard, on a summer’s day,
It feels warm and cosy, but it’s dead there.

How much longer before we wake up?

Some of us die a thousand times each day,
Remembering not to live.

How many ways to die, My Love?
Far too many, indeed.

How many ways to live, My Love?
Only One …Passionately!

Copyright © 1990 by Veronica Hay

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  1. Dawn Marie’s avatar

    Six years ago I found you Veronica while I was rehabilitating from a near fatal accident.

    I subscribed to receive your daily well wishes. I was on the path to happiness and creation and so close to God, thanks to the mind set you helped me get to.

    Two years ago I changed my email address and stopped receiving your daily inspirations. As of late, I can’t figure out where God has gone…I yearn to feel that closeness I once was inspired to get to, know and feel. I go to church, I try to self inspire when I realized what I missed.

    What I need is your guidance, your words of encouragement… that has been the change…

    Now that I have found you again, I wait on your blessings. Thanks for reaching my soul and assisting me through life.

    Dawn Marie

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