Nothing Is Impossible!

“Nothing is impossible, the word itself says ‘I’m possible’!” Audrey Hepburn

 Nothing Is Impossible!

I never noticed that before, but there is a very clear message there. All is possible!

So, I ask you this morning, what one experience comes to mind from your own life that you thought would never be possible but you achieved it anyway?

For me it was landing a dream job that had 800 applicants and 80 people interviewed. I don’t even know where I got the courage to apply as the odds were definitely stacked against me. But I did it anyway.

I remember every single detail of the day that I received the news in person that I got the job. I remember walking home. No, let me rephrase that. I remember dancing home, skipping home, flying home, after I got the news. It was a beautiful spring day, and I felt, No, I KNEW, that the sun was shining for me and the birds were singing for me and the flowers were blooming for me, in my honour, as I walked by. They were celebrating my courage and they were rejoicing in my victory.

So, my dear friends, what is your own personal memory of achieving the impossible? And YES, you have one! Just close your eyes, dig deep and remember. Bring to mind a day when you felt jubilant, beside yourself with joy, deliriously happy over something wonderful that had happened to you that you never thought could happen to someone like you. Remember that day, re-live those emotions, reminisce about that experience, recall those feelings. And let this memory be a catalyst to propel you onto your next triumph, your next adventure which leads me to one of my other favorite quotes by Helen Keller. “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.”

What will your next adventure be? I DARE you to begin it today!

Love and blessings, Veronica Hay

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  1. Emjai Rose’s avatar

    That was beautiful Veronica :o ).

  2. Emjai Rose’s avatar

    O.k I closed my eyes and what came to me was the birth of my son, whom I call my miracle baby, as it was a huge surprise that I became pregnant. When he finally chose his time to come into this world, it was the most amazing experience. I had 4 soul sisters, for love and support, and the most two gifted midwives to greet him upon arrival. I was in awwwhh for hours cuddling my baby Jean-Claude. That is my most recent accomplishment. I thank the universe almost everyday for my beautiful gift.

    In Gratitude,
    Emjai Rose

  3. Heather Jackson-Davies’s avatar

    Hi Veronica, Thanks very much for this post. I really needed to hear that today. Now I know what I must do. Have a great one. Heather

  4. James Bird’s avatar

    I received your blog post on Facebook today. I was touched by what you said. It brought back many wonderful memories for me of times in my life when I just never gave up on something that looked hopeless. I would stay with it until I achieved success. You have given me the encouragement to continue moving forward with my next adventure. Thank you Veronica.

  5. Veronica Hay’s avatar

    Thank you Emjai for sharing about the birth of your son Jean-Claude with us. I was very touched just in reading your comment. You are indeed truly blessed.

    Thank you Heather for your comment and I am happy to hear that “you know now what you must do”. I commend you for taking action towards your dream.

    Thank you James for sharing about your powerful memories of never giving up. Glad to be of encouragement for you in your next adventure. Dream Big and Remember that Nothing Is Impossible!

    Enjoy your day. Love and blessings, Veronica

  6. Daniella Wouters’s avatar

    Ah! Thank you so much Veronica!! I needed that. Daniella x x:)

  7. Sharon’s avatar

    I remember the evening (it will be 7 years this May 25th that I found the son I gave up for adoption 36 years before. It was surreal, beautiful and we have had an awesome 7 years since. That was the night I found out I was a grandmother too, wow what a night, I thank God every day for all my blessings and I know all is possible if you BELIEVE!!

  8. Anne Baird’s avatar

    Wonderful, Veronica. I loved this story. My favorite memory of this kind of moment was when, after four years of hammering at the doors of publishers for my children’s books, I finally WENT to New York, to beard editors in their own dens. I made about 7 appointments. The first five all rejected my proposal for a set of baby board books with underlying cosmic themes. On the sixth interview, an art director saw my work, and ran down the hall shouting “Get me an Editor!” They took FOUR of my books, and that’s how I became a published children’s author/illustrator. I ran out of the building, screamed with joy, called my husband, and did some more screaming, then ran into a church on Fifth Avenue and gave thanks. By the way, if you like, check out my new blog, William, Kate, John-Paul and Osama. It’s at

  9. Veronica Hay’s avatar

    Wow Anne, what an amazing story!!!!!! I can feel your emotion when you said you “Screamed with Joy”. Thank you for sharing here and brightening my world and that of my readers. Let’s all find / create more things to “scream with JOY” about in our lives very soon!

  10. Veronica Hay’s avatar

    Thanks Sharon for sharing your story of finding your son after 36 years. I can only imagine what that must have been like. Thank you for helping me and all of us here to keep “Believing” that all is indeed very possible!

  11. Joanne’s avatar

    Wow Veronica, this story and memories of other people reminded me of my Mom who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. But with wholehearted prayers to God my Mom’s sickness was gone. I don’t even know if that disease can be cured! With the support of my dad and my brothers who all helped our Mother to be normal, everything worked out well. My Mom now is very happy and so much alive! She suffered from Alzheimer’s at age 56, and now she is 64! Thank you lord for the wonderful experience! Keep it up Veronica! God speed and More Blessings!!!!

  12. Joy’s avatar

    May of 2008 at a women’s retreat. I had put my husband in respite care for the first time to attend the retreat. His Alzheimer’s condition was serious. Everyone asked what goal I had and my responce was “My life is on hold. I am a fulltime caregiver.” Before the retreat ended, God had spoken loudly and clearly … “Your life is not on hold. I gave you this challenge for a reason. Turn it into a positive.” I left there in tears. Fast forward to 2010. I have opened Touched By Joy. The Mission: Empower and support caregivers around the world with tips, tools, and resources. God also gave me a guidebook: Self Care for Caregivers: 161 TIPS to make your life easier. And, I am so excited about the future as I work hand in hand to enourage caregivers with an I can do it attitude.

  13. angel’s avatar

    I clearly remember the moment when in 1995, a religious sister lent my daughter a book, “You Can Heal Your Life” by Louise L. Hay. I found it very comforting as then we were financially unstable because my husband deserted us. I used what I read, sharing the information not only with my children, but also their friends who came to visit us. I should say I got sad when we had to return the book, and because of what I read, I put in my mind that I would own such a book someday.

    In the year 2000, my second daughter became a nurse like her sister and she met at the hospital where she worked a high school classmate of her sister. This nurse visited us at home and asked for some advice regarding her in-laws. I really tried to do my best. One month later, she came back and gave me a book, the book I most wanted to own, “You Can Heal Your Life”, by Louise L. Hay. I was so amazed and so grateful to God for a silent prayer answered. An impossible becoming “Im possible.”

    That lady wrote : Mama, I hope you like reading this book. Thank you for touching my life.”

    God bless you all out there…and thank you for giving me the chance to share those unforgettable happy moments.

  14. James W Bird’s avatar

    Reading your work always inspires me to go forward in the knowing that only goodness prevails. I bless your work. Thankyou. James

  15. James W Bird’s avatar

    Unless you try you will never know how great you really are. Yes to your Inspiring words . They uplift me always. James

  16. Ankit bansal’s avatar

    I think inspiration comes from within and I am happy that it flowing in me. . . Now I know why it is said DREAM BIG :-)

  17. Thaanie ♥’s avatar

    Its nice! Very inspiring! :D
    Thanks! ;)

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