In A Dream, You Can Do Anything!

“No matter what anybody tells you, words and ideas can change the world.”
~ John Keating (from the movie, Dead Poets Society) …

I have been writing inspirational stories, uplifting poems and motivational articles ever since I can remember.

I recall reading somewhere that a good way to uncover your true purpose in life is to remember the things you did as a child that you enjoyed the most, the things you seemed to do a lot of.

In thinking back to those innocent and seemingly carefree days, I remembered that every afternoon when my mother took a nap, I would lie down next to her on the bed and proceed to tell her a story. We had no books in the house in those days and so I would make up my own stories. I would tell her tales of faraway places, of kings and queens and castles. I would regale her with accounts of people who possessed magical powers and worlds where everything was perfect, beautiful, steadfast and true. They would always have happy endings.

Some days, I would make up inspiring poems. I can’t remember if they rhymed or not, but they always made my mother smile. When she was ready to get up, she would hug me and kiss me and tell me what a great little storyteller I was. Of course this only served to encourage my behavior and ensure my return the next afternoon.

It was not until several years later that I came to realize how unusual this scenario was. After all, I was the child and she was the mother.

Making people feel good was always important to me. It was my purpose, my passion. I was indeed born to be an uplifter. In my early jobs, people would visit me in my office and tell me their problems, share their dreams, and trust me with their secrets. In one of the companies that I worked for, it seemed like I spent more time engaged with the people than performing my actual job. My boss said nothing about it to me, possibly because he himself had an unspoken standing appointment with me every morning before our workday actually began. He would come into my office, sit back in the big, comfy, brown chair and proceed to recount to me the details of his life. I would simply listen, offer a few words of compassion, a nod of appreciation, a sigh of understanding, whatever was needed in the moment and he would be on his way, ready to begin his day, his step a little lighter than when he had arrived.

In one of my jobs, I was asked to start a company newsletter which of course was “right up my alley”. I filled it with inspirational stories about my co-workers and of course always included one of my own inspiring poems at the end. Sometimes, just the comings and goings in this busy and very lively office comprised of such a diverse and colorful group of people would trigger my mind, inspiring stories, jokes and amusing office banter. I loved this job more than the one they were actually paying me for.

In later years, when I started my own business, I regularly had to stay late in the evenings in order to get some “REAL WORK” done, to make up for the long trail of constant visitors to my office, during the business day.

Looking back, I suppose that was my “REAL WORK” so to speak, in the eyes of the universe. Making a difference in other people’s lives. I was just masquerading as a senior buyer, contracts administrator or magazine publisher, whatever the label called for.

Eventually, I moved my office home, locked the front door and purchased a good answering machine.

However, the desire to uplift and the need to make a difference never eluded me and it wasn’t long before I uncovered a way to do that again in a much bigger and far easier way.

The universe and technology have teamed up and provided me with a solution, a way of leveraging myself and increasing the number of people who crossed my path in need of what I had to offer. It was no longer necessary that I be present in the flesh to accomplish my work.

And so, I wrote and published an entire e-book of inspiring poems, inspirational stores, and motivational articles.

And I invite you to experience it all here with me today.

Come… let us sit together you and I, as I tell you stories with happy endings, make you laugh and make you cry, encourage you, understand you, share your secrets, inspire your dreams, hold you visions in this beautiful place (e-book), that I have provided for you and I to be together for awhile.

I have also provided a safe place here for you to write out your dreams, speak of your gratitude, record your accomplishments, play with your visions, in the worksheets included in this e-book.

And you have my permission to share all of this with anyone who is important to you.

I look forward to our time together. Thank you for allowing me into your life and for supporting my work. I consider it an honor to spend some time with you.

Love and blessings, Veronica

Take care and have a lovely day.

May there be a miracle in YOUR life today and may you have the EYES to see it.

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