The Birth of An Inspirational Magazine – Turning Grit Into Pearls

Let me start at the beginning. Several years ago, I experienced a very traumatic, personal life crisis that lasted for several months. Throughout all of it, I kept telling myself that when it was over, everything would be ok again, and things would go back to normal. They never did!

At that time, I felt a deep emptiness inside. There was a hollow place there now, a place that I could no longer fill with the superficial trappings of my life. There was a longing, a deep heartfelt longing to know more, to be more, to do more, and that longing started me on a search, a search for answers to questions I didn’t even know existed yet. It was to be a long journey, sometimes confusing, sometimes isolated, but always life affirming. There were many times when I didn’t think I had the strength in me to go on any longer, and just as many times when I knew I would never be able to give up.

Having experienced this, I was no longer able to exist in the corporate world and decided to take the plunge and venture out on my own. I had always felt that I was an uplifter and that was my gift and my job in the world.

And so I decided to create a vehicle that would make the journey easier for others, at least easier than it had been for me. In 1990 I gave birth to “A Magazine of People and Possibilities”, an inspirational, self-help, holistic publication. People and Possibilities is a FREE magazine paid for through its advertising revenue. It filled a great need in the community and provided a very welcomed place for like minded people to let the world know about the wonderful work they were involved in. I am now proud to celebrate 17 years in print with this inspirational publication and 12 years online, opening our door to the rest of the world.

Each print issue is available for download on the website and all of the email addresses and links are live.

(I am currently offering an amazing advertising opportunity for those of you who are interested, in print and online, for one full year, for only $100.00. More information available at the following link:

As part of my journey, I later created a full colour inspirational e-book, which was a compilation of all of my inspirational writings over these years. It has been a lifetime in the making, and over 3 years in production, but well worth the wait.

This e-book is the sum total of my spiritual journey. It encompasses the truths I have learned along the way, the insights I have acquired, and the knowledge gained. (More information and sample audios are available at:

I feel such joy at being alive at this time on our planet. This is an extraordinary time. The world is changing at an accelerated pace and I know now more profoundly than I have ever known before that we are not alone here. That we have available to us more help than we could ever need to move to places we have not yet been to. Doors are opening and walls are coming down and things are not quite as they seem. Adventures await us if we have the courage to go within and feel. We have help and most importantly we have each other.

I wish you Godspeed on your journey, my dear and precious friends.

Love and blessings, Veronica

PS. Now that I have shared a big part of my life with you, it would be wonderful to hear something about yours. Please click on the “Leave a Reply / Comments” link below and tell me something about yourself, your journey. It can be short and sweet, but something would be nice, so that I could get to know you as well. Thank you.

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