Keep On Dancing!

If you are feeling like you have gotten a little “off track”  with your intentions in making February, the best month of your life so far, not to worry. Be gentle with yourself.  Take a few minutes to read today’s post, and just remember to “Keep On Dancing”.

What I have noticed lately, is that things don’t always seem to happen for the reasons we think, and that can be perfect for us. I started several projects in the last few weeks, that did not work out the way I thought they would, or the way I wanted them to, thank God.

Because they did not work out, space was created for something much better to come into my life. And so, I was able to better understand, that it is not always about the end result of a choice or a project, but how taking that step to go for it in the first place, makes you feel.

What is important, is that you take some inspired action, because your vibration while you are doing something that excites you, and you are passionate about, is what will bring you the essence of what you wanted in the first place. It just may not come from where you thought it would. What is so freeing about all of this, is that it removes a lot of the fear around moving forward, fear that you may fail, be disappointed again, or even embarrassed. It gives you the courage to just step up to the plate and go for it, no matter what the outcome.

If you are feeling stuck, and afraid to take the next step, or any step for that matter, you will never achieve the life of your dreams. Life is not always about being comfortable. It is about moving forward, out of your comfort zone.

And the interesting thing about it is, that the more steps you take, the stronger and more confident you feel inside, where it really matters, and pretty soon you begin to realize that there truly is nothing that you cannot do, that anything is possible, just as long as you keep on dancing.

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  1. Patricia’s avatar

    I do believe that the words we speak over ourselves can shape our lives. It is said that how we exit one thing determines how we will enter another.

    It is clear to see that you are full of light, the kind of light spoken about in the word of God. You shine so bright that the darkness has to flee as you touch the lives of others. I know that your goodness will continue to manifest.

    I pray God sends blessings your way, over flowing.
    Take care. Patricia

  2. Suzanne’s avatar

    Many thanks for this Veronica,
    I needed this for a project I am working on now, I feel my creative juices are being strangely blocked.

  3. kimberly’s avatar

    I am wanting to take steps for a better future and the Universe is helping me. I always need a little nudge from somewhere as I do tend to get comfortable. I left my position of 4 years in June for a sabbatical. I could easily go back there but I have chosen a new road to help others. I have met another like minded person and we decided to support each other in our new found careers.

    I start each day with all the things we are grateful for. I have a fountain on that sound like a stream, candles burning which have the scent of deep dark cherries and some nature sounds in the background. This soothes my soul. If I want to get the “chee” going I put on Jazz music. It feeds my home with movement and we start dancing and laughing!!! Heres to a bright 2009.
    Yours in light. Kimberly

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