Last Day of March 2009 – Catapulting into Success!

Today is the last day of March. It would be the perfect day to look back over the first quarter of 2009 and find some things to feel good about. What have you accomplished so far, and where in your life, have you been more conscious and present? What wonderful things have happened so far this year? Forget about where you may have fallen off track. Give that no attention. Focus on what went right!

You might want to ask yourself the following questions:

Who (what person) or what experience made me feel generous, magnanimous, expansive, so far this year?
Did I experience any “ah-ha” moments, insights, breakthroughs in the last 3 months?
Where have I found the joy in my life so far this year?
Who or what made me laugh out loud?
What happened that gave me a sense of relief and peace?
Who helped me along my way and have I said thank you?
Who or what caused me to feel a sense of accomplishment?
Did I take even one step forward towards my dream or goal and if so, what was that step or steps?
If I could do it over, these past 3 months, what one thing would I have done differently perhaps? Guess what? You do get to do it over, in the next three months!
Did I take some time to celebrate my victories along the way? Remember it is not the size of the victory that matters, but the fact that you took the time to acknowledge it. It helps to build your “success muscle” so to speak.
So far this year, what was the most “delicious” moment of my life? The one that made my heart sing, smile that secret smile, and really feel that life is truly worth living!

You are now heading into the second quarter of 2009. You can take these joyful, positive and productive experiences and use them to catapult you into the rest of the year, where you can build upon them. This means that you are already much further ahead towards your dreams and goals than you were 3 months ago. You are moving forward, you have established momentum, whether it feels like it or not yet.

Get ready to make 2009 the very best year of your life so far!


  1. Kim Bauer’s avatar

    Love your site. Found you on twitter.
    Keep writing. All the Best.


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