Law of Attraction …Getting Clear and Focusing on What You Want!

inspirational sayings - pink flowerI have some questions for you this morning.

How do you see the world? Do you see the glass as half full or half empty?

Do you complain and focus on what you don’t have instead of what you do have?

Do you take secret enjoyment in someone else’s failure or embarrassment?

Do you judge others? Do you see yourself as a victim? (Don’t worry – we have all been there at one time or another.)

Do you use the words SHOULD and CAN’T a lot, as in “I should do this” and “I can’t afford it.”

Are you resentful of another’s success or do you celebrate it?

Do you look for the worst or the best in people?

Do you see the world as a safe place full of people who are happy to support you? Or do you see the world as fearful, a place where you always have to be on guard, in case someone might steal from you, lie to you or hurt you in some way?

In other words, what do you believe about the world and focus on for the majority of your day?

Remember that what you focus on expands. You are much more powerful than your realize. Your thoughts are light energy beams and given enough charge they can create just about anything, good or bad. If you are thinking and speaking the same things over and over again, then very little can improve in your life.

For example, this morning I ran out of kleenex in the bathroom. I looked everywhere for a new box but couldn’t see any. I thought to myself, NO KLEENEX. I made a mental note to go to the store in the afternoon and pick some up. Later, as I was sitting at my desk writing this article and feeling happy and relaxed, I looked up and there was a fresh new box of kleenex. I remember looking on my desk earlier when I ran out, but I did not SEE the kleenex. Why? Because I was focusing on – NO KLEENEX, so that is what I got – NO KLEENEX.

This is exactly how the Universe works with everything. If you are thinking and believing – No Money, it will give you No Money because that is what you are a match to. And even if the money were right in front of your face you would not be able to SEE it. But when you relax and get into a good feeling place and allow the Universe to do its job, then all of a sudden whatever it is you are wanting shows up, be it money, better health or a good relationship.

This incident with the kleenex was a very significant message for me because I have had a feeling for a very long time now, that what I need to make all of my dreams come true is right under my nose, but I haven’t been able to SEE it yet. How about you? Is there something in your own life that you are not SEEING yet?

I was quite frankly very surprised to learn that we do not actually see with our eyes but with our brain. Two people can be looking at the exact same thing and see something completely different. So even if nothing changes but how you SEE the world, then how you SEE the world changes everything.

It has always amazed me that the evening news is almost always about something extremely negative such as murder, violence, fraud, weather catastrophes, corruption and what surprises me even more is that people actually watch it. Yes, these things do happen, but they are in the minority, the very small minority. The world is filled with people doing all kinds of wonderful things. Silent angels abound on the planet. Unsung heroes count in the thousands, perhaps even millions. Acts of kindness and miracles are everywhere. There is so much good going on in the world that we never hear about and so we begin to live our lives from this very small place and we think that is all there is. And our path in life becomes like walking through a graveyard on a summer’s day. It feels warm and cosy, but it’s dead there.

We are continuously being given messages from our environment all day long and either these messages are empowering us or they are bringing us down.

And commercials are the same way. We are bombarded in this culture with negative messages and conditioning. We are told what we should look like, how we constantly need to be fixed and then given a product and/or service that will do just that. It is any wonder that we have become the walking wounded. Even the songs we hear on the radio are for the most part sending us negative messages of life being hard and things never going our way. There is some great music out there but we need to search it out. Many of us walk around oblivious to all of this and don’t even realize how much we are affected by it at a deep subconscious level.

And it is not just in the media. For example, what do you have hanging on your walls at home or in your office. Pictures and photographs that make you feel good every time you look at them or paintings that may unconsciously be giving you a very clear message. One that you don’t want.

Here is an interesting story. Mary had a beautiful painting hanging on her wall of a lady sitting in a lovely French outdoor cafe. The woman in the painting was alone and looked very sad but Mary loved the painting because it was from Paris and she longed to go there one day when she met the person she was to spend the rest of her life with. But this never seemed to happen. Mary seemed destined to always be sad and alone or so she thought. Until the day Mary took down that painting and replaced it with a picture of a very happy couple lovingly sitting together in a french cafe, enjoying each other and life. Every time Mary looked at this new painting her heart soared, and guess what? Within a couple of months she met and married the man of her dreams and they spent their honeymoon in Paris.

Now lets focus on what you are NOT SEEING!

In order to allow more prosperity and abundance into your life, you need to have a consciousness of abundance and prosperity. In other words, you need to SEE abundance and prosperity everywhere. Scarcity is an illusion. It is not the truth of who you really are and what you are capable of. It is simply a misdirected thought, a perception, a habit of seeing the world in a certain way, a habit you have probably been practicing for a very long time. So in order to change your life, you need only to shift your perception. Sounds great, you’re thinking, but HOW do I do that? The answer… PRACTICE!

It is all about PRACTICE. How do you learn how to play the piano? One note at a time, one day at a time and PRACTICE! It is the very same with Wealth, Abundance and Prosperity. Practice! You need to start noticing how abundant the Universe already is. When you are out walking, begin to notice how lavish everything is, the hundreds of trees, the thousands of leaves, the profusion of wildlife and flowers, the vastness of the sky, the opulence of nature all around you. When you go to the grocery store, wander around the produce section and notice how plentiful it is. The thousands of colourful and flavorful fruits and vegetables at your disposal.

Notice… Notice… Notice…

Practice…Practice… Practice….

Sounds silly? Perhaps, but you can be serious and poor or silly and rich. It is always your choice!

Action Plan: This is your wake up call. Become conscious of what you are surrounding yourself with in your own private world. Walk around your home and look at your walls and if there is anything there that doesn’t completely uplift you, then you might want to remove or replace it with something that does. You might want to put a picture on your wall of something that you are wanting to create in your life so that you can see it every day and it becomes a part of who you are. Turn off the news and radio and instead listen to some positive motivational tapes or cd’s as you are driving or read some inspirational literature. Don’t worry – if anything happens that you really need to hear about, you will. Stay away from gossip and don’t complain about anything, just for the during of this program. If you want to resume complaining after the program, that is fine with me, but somehow I don’t think you will. And start NOTICING and PRACTICING!!!

Begin to see abundance everywhere you go and in everything you do. Notice it! Comment on it! Give thanks for it! Exaggerate it in the beginning if you have to. This is all a game anyway and we are playing to win this time. Have fun with all of it. Do this and just see if your life begins to move in a new direction.

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    nice one………… helped me…..a lot.thnx

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