The Magnanimity of Your Own Soul

Today’s Inspirational Words…

Time appears to be moving faster and faster and there seems to be more and more to do and less time to do it in. And so today I had to “take some time” and contemplate where all of this is going. Even now as I have written those words “take some time” it feels like I almost have to steal it away and give it to myself. Something feels terribly wrong about that.

In my work as a magazine publisher and inspirational writer I receive several emails every day from subscribers, advertisers and readers. Today someone wrote to me about feeling lost and seeking direction on what their possible next step might be. There was a sincerity and purity in their letter that I could not ignore. I responded with an idea based on what they said they loved to do and they wrote back and thanked me, saying I was the miracle in their life that day. I was particularly struck by those words as my ‘trademark saying” has always been:

“May there be a miracle in your life today.
And may you have they eyes to see it.”

I include this on all my email and letter correspondence.

At that moment I realized that it is The Magnanimity of Your Own Soulwhen we are helping others that we feel at our best. Mother Teresa was a living example of this. At the end of the day I often ask myself the question – “Was I the answer to someone else’s prayers today? Was I the instrument of their peace? Was there anything I did today that could have made a real difference, served a bigger purpose?

Some days the answer is a resounding YES! And some days I fall short, or perhaps I just think I did. We may never know the real answer to that question. The universe works in amazing and mysterious ways and we may be making a real difference without even being aware of it.

Every time we make a choice to take the high road, to forgive, to be kind, to let go of anger and resentment, we provide an opening, create a space for a miracle to take place. Simply being present in the moment is often enough. The Universe will take care of the rest and the opportunities to lift each other up will present themselves to us in the most surprising ways. Here is a recent example of that.

The other day an organization here in the city was collecting items for the food bank to be picked up outside our doors. I put the usual canned goods and pastas and things like that into the bag provided, but something just didn’t feel right. And then I remembered I had ordered some lovely tea online called “Tea Forte” to use for a special occasion.

Tea Forte is very unique in that the tea leaves are placed in hand-crafted pyramid-shaped silken tea infusers. The packaging and presentation is enchanting and the taste simply delicious. I quickly retrieved the gift box and put it in that bag. I hope it uplifted whomever received it as much as it uplifted me to give it.

 The Magnanimity of Your Own SoulAt a time when many of us are searching for answers and meaning in our increasingly difficult and complex world, sometimes a good cup of tea, elegantly presented, can make a huge difference regardless of the circumstances that we may find ourselves in.

I leave you with these words by Saleem Rana …

“To be kind to all creatures, to be forgiving of all, to be reflective of your past experiences, and to be determined to bestow cordiality upon all will make you a blessing to all of life. All your other successes are but a footnote to this type of greatness, for only in expanding the magnanimity of your soul will your life have been well spent.” ~ Saleem Rana

Stay tuned for more inspirational words to come..

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  1. Jody’s avatar

    Wonderful inspiration as I lay here at almost 3:30am :)

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