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Mind Movie

This past month,  I have been bombarded with email after email extolling the virtues of “mind movies”. It seems everyone and his brother is getting on board with them. There is now software available to help you create your very own mind movies.

With the touch of a few buttons, so to speak, anyone can create a mind movie about almost anything,  a mind movie about attracting more wealth and prosperity into your life, a mind movie about finding your perfect soul mate and living happily ever after, a mind movie about achieving your perfect weight and feeling and looking great, a mind movie about sailing around the world and finding hidden treasures, a mind movie about excelling in golf, or tennis or hockey.  You are really only limited by your own imagination.

This idea is based on the law of attraction, that like attracts like. I think that anything that is fun to do, feels good and has the potential of making our lives better is a good thing.

However, having said that … to continue click on the following link:
Mind Movie

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