This Moment Has Your Name On It

"inspirational wordsWill YOU find a way today to touch the deeper reality beneath your life? A way to connect with the divine!

It may be through listening intently to a piece of exquisite music, practicing yoga postures, admiring a beautiful work of art or visiting a sacred place where the earth recognizes your step and the ground kisses your feet as you walk.

Perhaps it will be watching your child play or petting your cat or just sitting quietly with no thought.

It may be focusing on a single flower and allowing it to whisper its secrets into your ears and awaken your heart to the rapture that it feels as it unfolds to gaze upon the world for the very first and very last time. Perhaps the answers to your most pressing questions may reveal themselves to you in this mystical place, where the noise stops and the craziness ceases to intrude.

It matters not how you come upon this place, this place of knowing, peace and tranquility. It matters only that you take some time to visit here. Some time away from the busyness of your life to stop the inner chatter, and rest in sacred space where no words need be spoken and no actions taken and the dreamer waits for you to dream your dream.

Will you find a way to visit here today? To be with yourself, alone, unguarded, unrestrained, open to what life wants to show you, vacant, free. Where the only sound is that of your own heart beating and the only voice is that of your own soul calling, calling, calling you. Will you hear it today? Shall you answer? Will you stop and listen to its wisdom, welcome its magic, touch its power, feel its joy, know its love?

Will you walk away from your story today, just for a little while, and let go of the things you have been telling yourself in the book you have written about your life? Will you begin a new chapter, here and now, script a new play, with a bold beginning and a happy ending? What would it take for you to do that today, now, in this moment in eternity? This moment that contains everything and asks for nothing in return.

Life begins and ends in a moment and life can change in a moment. All we have are moments. Will you choose to be whatever it is you want to be or experience in this moment? You are here. This precious moment is yours. It is your gift. It has your name on it. Take it. Make it matter.

Copyright 2010 by Veronica Hay

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  1. Brenda Freeman’s avatar

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading this post. We all need to take out a moment from our busy days and make real changes. I find being on the beach can give me this moment. If I can’t get to the beach, i meditate and imagine I am on the beach which works just as well for me.

  2. Michelle’s avatar

    These writings have really touched my heart and soul!! It is my time to open my heart and soul and listen to them and to my inner child! It is time to let all the hurt go and let the joy shine through! It’s time to live again and climb out of the darkness of grief and sorrow and enjoy my life and the life of my precious two year old son!! Thank you ever so much for your writings!! May God bless you!! Love and light!!

  3. Melodie’s avatar

    In silence there is connection. There is no greater place to experience this than in nature. That is where true peace and beauty are. This is where our greatest teachers are if we but take the time to look and listen. All of life on this planet is sacred and all is an integral part of this sacred place.
    The next best thing of course is meditation where you can imagine to be there and sometimes you actually are there “in spirit” or the “essence” of spirit.
    As always, thank you for your words of inspiration….

  4. Mercy Addo’s avatar

    Am fully touched with your inspirational words. Bless u!

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