Remember To Be Here Now

 Remember To Be Here NowFor today’s Inspirational Words… The next person, place or thing you encounter may be the most important in your life so far. Will you remember to BE HERE NOW? Not thinking of all of the things you have to do today. Not dwelling on the unpleasant encounter you had with your friend, or spouse or child this morning. Not worrying about your next bill to pay or how you’re going to pay it. Not grieving over the loss of someone who may actually be trying to reach you, if you were silent and peaceful and present. Not fuming to yourself about the the guy who cut you off in traffic this morning. Not stressing about your upcoming job performance review. Not imagining the worse case scenario of your visit with your dentist or doctor later this week. And the list goes on and on and on … Life is short. It can end in a moment and it has for some people. A moment they were not expecting. This is your wake up call. So, I’m asking you again. Will you remember to BE HERE NOW. In this moment. It’s yours. It’s got your name on it. Take it. Make it matter! Take care and have a beautiful day. Love and blessings, Veronica Email Veronica Here:

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