My Love Affair With Twitter

I have really enjoyed using Twitter for the past year. For those of you reading this article who may not be familiar with Twitter, it is a free social networking and micro-blogging service that enables its subscribers to send and read messages. These messages are known as tweets. These tweets are text-based posts of up to only 140 characters delivered to the author’s subscribers who are known as followers. I have been fortunate enough to have been blessed with over 12,000 followers so far. Compared to Ellen DeGeneres, who has 4,014,592 followers and Oprah Winfrey who has 2,921,789 followers at the time of this writing, that may not sound like a lot, however, since the average twitter user has only 126 followers, 12,000 is a very good number indeed!

Twitter has changed a lot of lives for the better, mine included. Connecting with wonderful, like minded people has become an important part of my day and so I decided to write about my experience below. I hope this piece puts a smile on your face and that you appreciate the very subtle marketing message contained within as well. Enjoy!

Twitter Love
Copyright © 2009 by Veronica Hay

When twitter is down, I feel myself frown, I’m sad and I’m blue.
Oh, what on earth shall I do?

Will I see you today? Won’t you come out and play?
Share your life, if you may? Would that be okay?

I see your sweet faces scrolling on by,
and some days that makes me just want to cry.

Across oceans and rivers and mountains galore,
I just want to know you as never before.

I want to connect with each one of you.
But’ there’s only 140 and so what will I do?

I’m sitting here watching all the tweets scurry by,
and I ‘m noticing things in the blink of an eye.

I see you unfollow. My heart’s filled with sorrow!
Gone, with one click of a mouse. Oh, I think you’re a louse!

More followers than me? How can that be?
Its obvious to see, Queen of Twitter is me!

Can I win back your love? With some help from above!

I’ll send you messages wrapped in a tweet.
I’ll respect you, and honor you and I’ll be discreet.

From wherever I am and wherever I go, I ‘ll keep you informed.
Inquiring minds want to know.

I will be witty and I will be sweet.
And I will be charming and I won’t compete.

I will be kind and I will be true. And I will re-tweet all that you do.

And each time you list me, I’ll feel like you kissed me.

My numbers are growing, my tweets, they are flowing.

Follow me, follow me, follow me more!
I promise that I’ll never be a big bore.

I’ll make you laugh and I’ll make you cry.
And I’ll make you think and I’ll make you sigh.

I won’t try to sell to you. Okay, maybe a bit.
But I’ll do it with class and I won’t be a twit.

Come greet me. Come tweet me.
But please DON’T DELETE ME!

Twitter’s my friend. I am here to the end.

To watch a short, very funny 3 minute video of this piece on YouTube,
check out this link:

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