Wouldn’t It Be Nice If…

Think of something you would like to create or experience. I did not say try to manifest. I just said “think of something you would like to experience in your life.”

Gently let yourself imagine with the idea in your mind of
Wouldn’t it be nice if….

 Wouldnt It Be Nice If...

I’ll give you an example. Several years ago when I was living in Ontario, Canada, my then husband received a transfer to Calgary, Alberta. I had no idea what that province looked like but on the morning that I received the news I mentioned it to a fellow in my office and he told me that Calgary was a very lovely, clean city and that in certain areas one could very clearly see the beautiful Rocky mountains which were about 90 miles away from the city.

I remember going back to my desk and just sitting there and thinking very gently to myself, wouldn’t it be nice if we lived in a place where we had a beautiful view of those mountains and I just closed my mind and imagined it for a few seconds and then I completely forgot about it.

And in spite of the fact that there was almost a zero vacancy rate in Calgary at that time so finding a decent place was almost impossible, let alone one with a great view, we ended up, through a miraculous series of events, having to make a 10 second decision on one place. When I walked in the door and over to the huge balcony window, there before me was a picture perfect view of the very majestic mountains I had envisioned for those few seconds in Ontario.

Simplicity at its best.

So, your only exercise for today is to simply say quietly to yourself…

Wouldn’t it be nice if…………………..and then imagine…

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Stay tuned for more inspirational words to come…

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