Non AttachmentIt is very important not to be attached to the outcome of things that we do. Not to care so much or at all for that matter about what people think of us. This is very often easier said than done and something that I have been working on of late.

We have grown accustomed to feeling good when people approve and admire us and tell us so and feeling hurt or taken aback when they criticize us.

But this always sets us up to hand the power over how we feel about ourselves to someone else.

We need to be able to do, say, and act from our own authentic place, in spite of the outcome, to be able to simply do or say what calls to us, because it brings us joy and / or feels like it is something we must say or do and let go of the outcome or consequences.

This has been very true with my own writing. My mailing list, websites and this blog, consist of people in various stages of evolution. Sometimes, what I have to say may confuse or even upset someone, but that doesn’t mean that I have to be afraid to say it. Some people may take what I say and run with it, allowing it to open them up to insights and possibilities they had not even considered yet which is always my hope and intention. Others may think I am just crazy and unsubscribe or not return here. Their response must not matter to me, otherwise it will colour what I have to offer and not be as pure and heartfelt as I would like it to be. People will always pick up on that at a deep level. You cannot fool them. When you come from your heart, it always shines through. When you are pretending, because you want to be liked, admired or accepted, you are really not fooling anyone but yourself and it never works out in the long run.

I have always wanted to offer something deeper here, something much more meaningful than a nice, uplifting quotation. Don’t get me wrong, that is still a great thing to offer but there are hundreds of places online where people can get that. But much is going on in the world right now and we are moving far beyond all of that and into places we have not ventured into before. Many are confused, in turmoil and struggling. It is my feeling that people want and need so much more now and it is my hope to fill that void regardless of where it may take me.

I simply need to be true to myself and offer what I have to give or what comes up for me at the time. And it may be a very light hearted piece such as I sent out last Friday, about making wishes for others, or something much more profound. As I said, this is something I work on everyday still.

I thought this might be something for you to think about in your own life this morning. Where are you being true to yourself and where do you hesitate to come from your own authentic place and why?

Copyright @ 2014 by Veronica Hay

Wishing you a true, meaningful, authentic and heartfelt day.

From my heart to yours,
Love and blessings, Veronica –

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 A Smiling HeartSomething that happened this morning made my “heart smile”. It was a great way to start the day. A smile in one’s heart is very different from a smile on your face. It is much deeper, more profound, and touches both the giver and the receiver in ways you may have never noticed before.

A smile in your heart makes your body quiver with delight. It whispers to your cells and encourages them to move towards the perfection that they are always aspiring to be, when we are not interfering with our own natural healing by telling them things that are just not true.

A smile in your heart lightens your burdens, restores your soul and quiets the endless chatter. It awakens memories of truth laying dormant inside. And it gently tickles you in all the right places, sometimes causing spontaneous laughter and mirth.

So, my dear friends, what kind word, deed or action could you say or do today that would bring a smile to someone else’s heart as well as your own?

Have a beautiful day, with a smile in your heart all day long.

Copyright © 2014 by Veronica Hay

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 A New Way of BEING in the WorldThe planet is speeding up and things are coming to the forefront to be dissolved. We are moving through a lot of old stuff (issues) and belief systems and letting go of the density that surrounds them. So, many of you are already noticing or will be noticing things coming up in your face to release, GENTLY. You no longer need to struggle with this as in the past.

Lately, what I have been noticing is how much we want still to be so much in control of things and other people. In the last few weeks, I have had people ‘want’ things from me, that for a number of reasons, I am not prepared or able to give them. As a result, these relationships are starting to break down or fall apart, which is exactly what is supposed to happen. We can no longer cling to things or people who no longer serve us and letting go can often be difficult. We like the familiar, the habitual, the comfortable, and it takes great courage to venture forth into the unknown, without what feels like our safety net.

But we need to let go of our desire to control and manipulate others into giving us what we want and think we need, and begin to just love and accept them, ALLOW them to just BE and begin to see the blessings that they have for us, just the way they are, when our eyes are truly open to the gifts they have to offer. We need to finally let go of the judgements and the conditions we put upon others in order to SET OURSELVES FREE.

And, we need to be “who we are” whatever that may be at this moment in time on the planet. Many of us don’t have a clue what that really is as we have been playing games and practicing roles, and doing what we thought we “should” be doing, for so long, that we have lost touch with our inner core, our authenticity, our passions, our true self and consequently with our emerging divinity.

So, I would suggest that you slowly start to notice how you act in the world, how you respond to the circumstances and people that are presented to you, what messages you are giving out by these responses and actions, many of which you may not even be aware of and what automatic roles and games you may still be playing. Right now, may be the perfect time to just give yourself permission to let them all go and venture forth into a new way of BEING in the world that is much more amazing than you may have ever experienced before. It’s certainly worth the effort.

I wish you Godspeed on your journey, my dear and precious friends.

Copyright (c) 2014 by Veronica Hay -

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 Your Choice Today!Your Choice Today
Copyright (c) 2014 by Veronica Hay

Today will feel like any other day until someone comes along and says something that will be disturbing to you, that will set you off, that may offend you. Or you will get an unexpected bill in the mail. Or you will fall down and ruin your new suit. Or your cat will bite you. Or you dog will not quite make it outside in time. Or a phone call will leave you breathless with some shockingly bad news. And you will do what you always do, when these things happen. Won’t you?

Because usually when someone presses your “A” button, you give them the “B” response, to these triggers that have been brought to the surface once again. You will respond automatically in your usual way. You will get upset, you will become angry, irate even. You will play the game, act out, defend yourself, you will feel resentful, hurt or even indignant, or sad, betrayed and abandoned. And for sure you will be justified in feeling all of that.


Will today be different? Will you CHOOSE to respond differently?

Do you finally realize that you always have a choice as to how you will respond in any given situation, even thought it may not feel like you do. You do not have to give your power away to anyone or anything! You do not have to remain in the density of it all. Perhaps now, today, this moment, you are finally done with that. And you come to realize that your power, your life force, your well-being, your health, is much too precious to you to give away so easily.

And so you will choose not to respond in the old ways, no matter how difficult that may seem at first. You will make a choice for JOY anyway, in spite of it all! You will make a choice for LOVE! You will make a choice of non-judgement and allowing. You will begin to see a much bigger picture unfolding before you, one that you have not allowed yourself to see before.

This day, perhaps for the very first time, you will decide to just leg go of it, you will shrug it off, you may even laugh at it all. And you will move on, smiling, smitten with yourself, feeling victorious, peaceful, and FINALLY FREE.


Take care and have a beautiful day. It’s your choice.
Love and blessings, Veronica

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“And then the day came…when the risk to remain tight in a bud
was more painful than the risk it took to blossom”- Anais Nin

 Your Time To Bloom!

Reading this quotation today reminded me of a piece I wrote entitled “The Message of the Poppy.” Here are a few lines from that piece that speak about the “risk to blossom.”

“Today for the very first time in my life I witnessed the actual birth of a poppy. I saw the poppy push itself out of it’s shell and I witnessed that shell falling to the ground. I watched the stem tremble as it unfolded. Then I saw the flower begin to open, gradually unwinding itself. It was the most amazing sight to behold and as I watched it, I thought to myself “I wonder what it feels like to bloom like that?”

Perhaps YOU are at this point in your own life, where the risk to remain where you are, (tight in the bud, stuck, in a prison of your own making) is more painful than the risk it will take to blossom. It takes courage sometimes to come out of your shell and even more courage to actually bloom. Courage is its own reward.

Perhaps today is YOUR day to take that risk, even though you may still be afraid and trembling inside and find out what it really feels like to bloom like that poppy did. Perhaps?

Enjoy and have a magical day.

From my heart to yours,
Love and blessings,

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Veronica Hay is an inspirational writer/author who provides support and resources to help you live a richer life. Her work inspires others to be more of who they really are.

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Something whimsical today but perhaps more real than you had imagined.

 Your Fairy Is Ready To Go!

“Your fairy is ready to go. He or she will sit on your shoulder today. And whisper into your ear. Be sure to listen and acknowledge him. He has some news for you, something he wants you to hear. He knows your soul. He can see into your heart. Please acknowledge and get to know him. It will be worth it. He is a comfort for you and a small reminder that you are never alone. He likes to laugh, so be open to the little things in your day that are worth chuckling about. And if you start to feel stressed at any point, just remember he’s there and smile. Have fun together, lighten up and play a little. Seek the JOY that he offers you in this moment and the lightness of being that is naturally yours. Oh, and say hello to him for me. I can see the twinkle in his eye. Enjoy!” ~ Veronica Hay

Take care and have a magical day.

Love and blessings, Veronica


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 We’re Not In Kansas AnymoreThe other day I found myself feeling vulnerable, overwhelmed and weak. I realized that I was letting some people, places and situations in my life have tremendous power over me. I was giving these outside forces power over how I responded to what was said or done and how I chose to feel about all of it. At that moment I began to feel very angry both at those people and situations for their behaviour but mostly at myself for allowing them to take me over, for putting my happiness and sense of peace in their hands and not my own, for bringing me down and keeping me down or so I thought. At that point, I got very, very angry and I got up, literally and said to myself “Enough Already”. I don’t have to do this and I proceeded to just let it all go and put it aside. I didn’t have to analyze any more why they did what they did, judge how wrong and thoughtless it all was, or even how it made me feel. I didn’t have to convince them that my way was the better way or the right way. I didn’t have to waste my precious time and energy doing any of that. I just had to walk away and into something better, something more empowering for me. Which is exactly what I did in that precise moment. As a result I had one of the best days I have had in quite some time and I was able to accomplish more than I had in weeks. Everything just seemed to fall into place for me in miraculous ways.

We have become used to certain patterns of behaviour that have become like habits. Someone pushes button A and we respond by pushing back button B. It has become automatic, boring and tiresome. It is truly no longer serving us. And whether what these people, places or things do is right or wrong, good or bad, it really doesn’t matter, what matters is how they make us feel or how we allow them to make us feel and no one can make us feel bad unless we let them. We are the ones who put ourselves inside the prison of our own making. At any point we can tear down the bars, and set ourselves free.

Our emotions are neither good or bad. It is important, now more than ever before, that we do not deny, suppress or stuff them deep inside. They simply are there to serve us. They are trying to tell us something about ourselves, to shed some light on what needs to be tended to like in a garden. What needs to be acknowledged and cleared out and what needs to be nurtured, watered and loved. Those parts of us that need to be healed or quite simply let go of.

Anger is neither good or bad. It can be an amazing catalyst to propel us out of where we do not want to be. And it can be a great gift. It is the judgement about these things, people and emotions that cause us stress and unhappiness. And at any time, we can choose not to judge and walk away. We need to not care any more what anyone thinks about us, and that can be a very hard thing for many of us to do. I am not saying that we don’t need to deeply care about each other, quite the contrary. However, it has been ingrained in us to care what other people think, especially those close to us, and follow along. Society and the media is totally set up to give us the message to hold ourselves to their standards of value and worth and not our own, to fit in. But what if we are hearing a different voice these days and many, many more of us are not alone in hearing this. Will we choose to listen and even more bravely, answer? Will we allow our mind to convince us of its so called truth or will we open our heart to its deeper inner knowing?

I think that this kind of thing is coming up for many of us these days as things are speeding up on the planet, there is no denying that, and there is no time for analyzing and processing and programming like there used to be several years ago.

We need to just do what feels like the most freeing and loving thing in any moment to move us forward into a new state of being. We need to choose to play in the world  from a bigger place, a grander place that we cannot really see yet, but are at least willing to venture forth and follow the beckoning that keeps tugging at our heart strings. It is not comfortable and so we resist and we cling to comfort. It is certainly not familiar, and yet many of us would rather stay in a familiar, unhappy situation than risk what might be, thinking that it may be much more than we could handle. And so we stay stuck and seemingly broken. Some of us keep running back time and time again to all manner of systems and tools that we think will fix us and make us better. Many of these have worked somewhat for us in the past, and we are very reluctant to part with them, but we were never broken in the first place, so there is really nothing left to fix. How can you improve upon perfection, unless you are trying to deny it.

I am not saying that this isn’t scary or confusing or perplexing. I am saying that we can no longer deny that something is afoot, as Dorothy in the movie The Wizard of Oz exclaimed. “I have the feeling that we are not in Kansas any more”, and we need to take a good look at exactly where we find ourselves these days and where we might be going.

This is an extraordinary time on our planet. The world is changing at an accelerated pace and I know now more profoundly that I have ever known before that we are not alone here. That we have available to us more help than we could ever need to move into places we have not yet been to. Doors are opening and walls are coming down and things are not quite as they seem. Adventures await us if we have the courage to go within and feel. We have help and most importantly we have each other.

I wish you Godspeed on your journey, my dear and precious friends.

Copyright © February 5, 2013 by Veronica Hay

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