Prosperity Wishes Inspirational Movie – Coming This Week!

Coming This Week! – The NEW “Prosperity Wishes” Inspirational Movie.
(Approximately 5 minutes in duration.)

If you only watch/read/listen to one thing this week/month/year -
Let it be this!!!

Guaranteed to touch your heart and perhaps even change your life.
(Are YOU the one we’ve been waiting for? Stay tuned.)

Here are Lila’s comments on the Prosperity Wishes movie:

Dearest Veronica:

For decades I have been a student of Dyer ; Chopra ; Seth;  Dooley; Louise Hay; Conversations With God; Abraham and many many others who are considered the worlds best spiritual teachers.

Nowhere have I found such a comprehensive, uplifting, enlightening, encouraging stanza, verse, quick read, which can brighten your whole day and turn your negative thoughts completely around…seemingly like magic.

A few minutes spent reading this glorious piece that you have written,
better yet, a few minutes listening to your soothing voice describe this
glorious blessing which comes straight from God/The Universe through you,
can change ones life, in that moment.  At the very least, it guarantees that your
mood lightens up right there and then and you ‘awaken’ to yourself……..
for a much better day, week, month!

Thank you Veronica. Your calling is to world healing! Congratulations.
With Love, Lila Krbavcic

Take care and have a lovely day.

May there be a miracle in YOUR life today and may you have the EYES to see it.

From my heart to yours.
Love and blessings, Veronica.

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