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“May there be a miracle in your life today… And may you have the EYES to see it…”  ~ Veronica Hay.

Blessings, Veronica.

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  1. Betty’s avatar

    What a powerful, inspirational movie…
    First, I had goosebumps, then the tears started to roll.
    Tears of truth, tears of joy… It touched my heart.
    I watched it a few times and was embraced by the energy that
    emanated from it.

    I enjoyed the photos that you picked to go along with your words
    and the way that you sometimes paused your voice to give your
    thoughts more emphasis. It gave me a moment to let your insights sink in.
    I nodded my head several times through your movie. (smile)
    I appreciated the parts where you zoomed in a bit.
    All this takes time, planning, thought, and purpose and you did it very well.

    Thanks for blessing my life. Betty

  2. Susan Bonfiglio’s avatar

    What a beautiful movie! Not only are the images stunning but the way you have phrased the movie was amazing. Betty is right: I got goosebumps too. Her comments were right on.

    I love how you capture what I long to say and need to hear…with beautiful words that give the subconscious mind a new way to reframe old belief patterns.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you and may YOU be blessed with a beautiful day Veronica!

  3. Liliana Smith’s avatar

    I am dumbfounded *!* Beyond magnificant *!*
    A pure gift to everyone who watches this movie and /or reads this piece.
    Congratulations… A million congratulations.
    Oh… And a zillion thank you’s, in advance from everyone who’s heart and soul this will touch.

  4. sharon’s avatar

    Thank you Veronica, this is a great movie, and of course I will be watching everyday. Very good work, and I will actually do a post on my blog sending my readers to see this inspirational movie. My wish for you is that may you be blessed!

  5. Lila Krbavcic’s avatar

    Dearest Veronica,
    For decades I have been a student of Dyer ; Chopra ; Seth; Dooley; Louise Hay; Conversations With God; Abraham and many many others who are considered the worlds best spiritual teachers.

    Nowhere have I found such a comprehensive, uplifting, enlightening, encouraging stanza, verse, quick read, which can brighten your whole day and turn your negative thoughts completely around…seemingly like magic.

    A few minutes spent reading this glorious piece that you have written,
    better yet, a few minutes listening to your soothing voice describe this
    glorious blessing which comes straight from God/The Universe through you, can change ones life, in that moment. At the very least, it guarantees that your mood lightens up right there and then and you ‘awaken’ to yourself……..for a much better day, week, month!

    Thank you Veronica. Your calling is to world healing! Congratulations.
    With Love, Lila

  6. Hafsa’s avatar

    Dear Veronica,

    I was rushing as usual through my mailbox and thought I would come back to your email after finishing my daily routine. Something in my mind was telling me to finish reading all that was in my inbox, so I thought I would just open it and check it out and then come back later to finish reading it.

    I read your email and went on to open the link and watch the movie. Boy, was I in for a surprise! Betty is right! I was in tears because I was feeling sort of down and alone, but after watching the movie and hearing your soothing voice, I gave myself a pep talk, and an hour letter, I am still on my computer letting my friends in on this powerful message. So, with all of my heart, thank you Veronica, for reminding me that I am loved and cherished. Thanks and God bless you.

  7. Sophia Brown’s avatar

    Hi Veronica
    The movie was fantastic !!!! Very touching and emotionally spiritual.
    God Bless You.

  8. Tamsin’s avatar

    I LOVED your film offering people prosperity wishes, and have joined your mailing list! It is so beautifully written and mesmerizingly read – almost like a meditation …………. I could feel myself drifting off to a lovely place away from all the unimportant interruptions. I loved the whole feel of your site, it’s so relaxing and welcoming and kind of makes me feel that it’s a safe haven to visit, really lovely, and it can’t fail to give people insights and inspirations.

    Thank you.


  9. Kelly’s avatar

    Hi Veronica,

    I just want to let you know that I loved your movie. It was just what I needed to hear and it touched my heart. It was so moving for me. I’m working on stepping into my own power and this helped me with so many issues I had. Thank you very much and much love and blessings….

  10. Rich Van Iderstine’s avatar

    Hi Veronica,

    I just wanted to thank you for the gorgeous movie. Your sense of Spirituality and Beauty is wonderful !!! I am an artist and inventor, so I really appreciate your creativity.

    You exude excellence and elegance.

    Blue Skies, Green Lights, and Love,
    Rich Van Iderstine

  11. Rosemary’s avatar

    Thank you Veronica for a beautiful, moving and inspirational video. I was touched by your soothing voice and your sense of genuine feeling for those who will listen to your message. You have not only a gift with words, but the voice to express them in a way that reaches the soul of the listener.
    Watching the video changed my day and I’m grateful…thank you so much.

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