I Put Down My Armor Today

I Put Down My Armor Today
Copyright © 1990 by Veronica Hay

 I Put Down My Armor Today

I put down my armor today.

Today, for the very first time, I traded in my warrior for a new one.

The one I held close for so many years no longer suited me.

It was too serious, too full of steel, with too many weapons, even a helmet to shield my face.

For all these years, I’ve gone through the world with this armor encased around me, like a turtle’s shell.

And even though it felt heavy, and it weighed me down, I thought I needed it to protect me.

I have a new warrior now,  just as strong though you would not know it.

If you were to look closely,  you might see only the tenderness, the vulnerability, the softness.

Do not be fooled by that! Inside is the strongest I have ever been.

I put down my armor today, yet I am unafraid.

I know now thatI do not need steel to protect me, for I no longer need protecting.

I am safe in the knowledge that the only thing I needed protecting from in the first place was myself.

I’m travelling lighter yet stronger now, I put down my armor today.


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  1. Tam@nudgeme’s avatar

    Hi Veronica

    I loved reading this today! It reminds me of the use of archetypes that I’ve been learning a lot more about recenty. Like we’re all made up of a few different people/personalities, which we can draw on or take on the character of if you like to empower us more in any particular situation. Sometimes it might be the warrior in us that we need, and other times the magician or the joker or whatever we choose to refer to those different parts of us. Like your last line you’re travelling lighter, yet stronger! Have a lovely day atb Tamsin

  2. lee’s avatar

    Thank you :)

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