Not Rich Yet? 7 Tips To Find Out Why & Change It

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N Not Rich Yet? 7 Tips To Find Out Why & Change Itot Rich Yet?
7 Tips To Find Out Why & Change It

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I once heard it said that if you say you really want something and you don’t have it, then it is because, deep down, you don’t really want it at all. When I first heard this, I thought it was hard to believe, however, in thinking about it for some time, I had to admit there certainly is some truth there.

Here are some possible reasons why you may not have what you are desiring just yet. Perhaps you can relate to some of them. This is certainly not a judgement call. I myself have been in some of these places at different times during my life. I include these here hoping that it might give you some insight. Simple awareness can be most helpful sometimes in turning things around. As always, be gentle with yourself.

1. You’re stuck in the “pay off”. What is the pay off for staying where you are now? I knew of a woman who complained constantly that her husband never paid any attention to her. She was diagnosed with cancer and all of a sudden her husband was at her side, tending to her every need. Shortly thereafter, she became cancer free and her husband went back to his old ways, much to her dismay. Months later, the cancer was back and so was her husband. My point: you may be saying that your desire is to be healthy or wealthy, but if health and wealth are not showing up in your life, then take a good look at “what is”. There may be some clues there as to why.

2. You’re afraid to hurt or lose someone you love. Who would you hurt / lose if you suddenly became rich? Would you be making more money than your parents did and would that offend or hurt them in some way? Would you be in an entirely different financial bracket from your friends and feel that they would resent you or even worse, abandon you?

3. You’re addicted to the drama. You complain about the struggle but you re-live it over and over again. Does it make you feel alive, on some level? A friend of mine recently became debt free and when I asked how that made him feel, he told me that he felt empty inside. No struggle, no drama, no reason for living. Unfortunately, that is true for many of us. How about you?

4. You still have feelings of “not good enough”. Have you ever felt like a small child standing outside of a candy store. You look in the window at all of that candy just waiting there to be devoured, but you don’t feel like you will ever be able to walk inside that door and take it. You see others going in and out of the candy store, but you feel it could never happen for you.

5. You feel safe “playing small”. Playing small is comfortable. Playing big would require you to move out of your comfort zone. It may require that you put yourself out there and that can be a scary thing. Are you ready to, as they say, feel the fear and do it anyway?

6. You believe that “money is bad and / or evil”. This belief is reinforced by the media at every turn. It would be hard to escape not feeling just a little like this. However, it may serve you well to remember that Mother Teresa created lots of money, without which she would not have been able to accomplish what she did and change the world. Think about that.

7. You “get in your own way”. You decide to move forward towards your dreams, you set some financial goals, you begin to feel hopeful, and then you sabotage yourself at every turn, with your thoughts, words and deeds, which are totally contrary to what you have chosen. The sad thing is that you probably don’t even realize that you are doing it.

So, is there an area of your life where you have been saying you want something and you still don’t have it? If so, perhaps take some quiet time and ask yourself why that might be.

If you suddenly got what you say you really want, how do you think your life would change?


The above piece is part of Day 22 in my NEW “Prosperity Puzzle Pieces” 30 Day Program to Create more Prosperity in your life. Available at a special introductory price - Just click here.

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  1. boat’s avatar

    This is very true, in uncovering my fears I see now that I have been lying to myself. I can change that. Thanks for the insights.

  2. Ariane’s avatar

    Your website is so unique and amazing. I wish that I could write like you someday. thanks for the great posts and deep insights.

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