You Will Survive And Even Thrive.

I have always been captivated by pansies. Their soft velvety touch. They appear to be so delicate, yet they are amazingly strong. The ones shown here are from my balcony garden and have survived heavy rains, strong winds and a snow storm.

They have shown me that if I just surrender to what is and let go, without trying to fight against it, I will survive and even THRIVE. Their smiling faces are a testament to that and always make me smile.

We can learn so much from flowers if we are open to the messages they bring forth. They are one of our greatest gifts on this planet.

"inspirational words - Pansies"

Delicate and very beautiful - yet amazingly strong - just like YOU!

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  1. Andrea’s avatar

    Beautiful message and beautiful flowers! Thank you for sharing, have a wonderful day Veronica! Peace and blessings to you and yours!

  2. Laura’s avatar

    Yes, we are all at one with one another. Even the beautiful, strong, resilent Pansies.

    Flowers are like people. Treat them with respect and they will respect you back.

    Enjoy their energy and feel their love.

    A Gardener,

  3. Jocelyne’s avatar

    I am usually so busy that sometimes I just do not have the time to read mail or even to kick back and enjoy God’s creation. Lately I have been so uncertain, depressed and lonesome, feeling like I have lost my confidence. Wondering if I will ever be happy and at peace.

    However, after praying this morning and not feeling much better, I went to work and turned on my computer and there were your words. I have been through so much and God has made me stand strong, surely he cares for me more than flowers. With God’s covering, I will not only surive but thrive and someday, like the flowers, I will be admired and appreciated by someone who understands.

    Thanks a bunch for the pick me up!

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