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 New Paperback Version Now Available I received several requests from those who purchased my new Kindle ebook entitled, “Today, I Wish For You” to create a PRINT version as a keepsake for themselves and to give as gifts to friends, family and business associates.

I just wanted to let everyone know that it is now available in Paperback from Amazon at the following link: and yes, it would make a wonderful and long-lasting Christmas gift. Enjoy.

PS. You can also order a colour Paperback version here:

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I have been offering a daily “Insights and Inspirations” mail out for several years now and from the response I have received and the questions sent in from my subscribers, I asked myself what it was I wanted to share with these wonderful people? How could I open their hearts?

What was it they truly desired? What were their GREATEST WISHES?  What could I say that might inspire them, comfort them, make them think, cause them to laugh, ease their burdens, and motivate them to move forward with their dreams? What if I offered them a new way of looking at the world, outside the box, or made them feel they were given a nice warm hug of encouragement for each day?

What if, simply by absorbing my words of daily inspiration, they were transported to a magical place where anything was possible?

And so I came up with the idea to create a book about granting wishes for these people.

This e-book encompasses the truths I have learned along my own way, the insights I have acquired, and the knowledge gained.

 Launch of my NEW E Book!Launched now on Amazon entitled:

TODAY, I WISH FOR YOU – Inspiration, Happiness, Love, Insights, Kindness, Abundance, Passion, Appreciation, Joy, Prosperity, Free Money. 30 DAYS of inspirational words to uplift, comfort and inspire. Kindle Edition

You can purchase it at the following link:

PLease let me know which are your favorite wish days in the e-book by commenting below. I look forward to hearing from you.

Wishing you a wonderful day.

Love and blessings, Veronica Hay

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 7 Tips For Finding Your Lifes Purpose1. Make a list of all of the things you loved to do as a child. Do you have an especially happy memory of something you really enjoyed doing? Something that you were complimented on and felt extremely proud of.

2. What are your favorite kinds of books? Do you love romance novels, arts and crafts books, mystery stories, new age and metaphysical titles? If you are not sure, visit and check out their classifications.

3. When you have some free time, how do you spend it? Alone or in the company of friends and family. Exploring the city or visiting the country.

4. What do people compliment you about? If you can’t think of anything, then simply ask a few of your closest friends and business associates what they appreciate about you, what they see as your strengths and talents. You may be very surprised by their answers. Asking a co-worker will give you a much different perspective than asking a family member but both have value in helping you uncover your brilliance.

5. What are you especially proud of having accomplished in your life? This doesn’t have to be about winning awards. It could just be about how you have reached out to offer a helping hand to someone who really needed it.

6. What qualities, talents, gifts do you admire in others? Make a list of the people in your world and beside each one, jot down their strong points and the things you love about them. Be sure to let them know as well and make their day.

7. If you had all the time in the world and money was no longer an issue, what would you really like to do? Imagine what your perfect day would look like from beginning to end. What would you have for breakfast? What is the view like when you open your drapes? How do you spend your afternoon, where, and with whom? How do you feel as you close your eyes at the end of your perfect day?

Doing this exercise will help you to get to know yourself a little better and give you more insight into wherever your true purpose lies.

“There is a giant asleep within every man. When the giant awakes, miracles happen.” ~ Frederick Faust

You came here for a reason. There is something that only YOU can do and the world is waiting for it.

I wish you Godspeed on your journey.

Love and blessings, Veronica Hay

(Stay tuned for more inspirational words to come…)

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“A meal, however simple, is a moment of intersection. It is at once the most basic, the most fundamental, of our life’s activities, maintaining the life of our bodies. Shared with others, it can be an occasion of joy and communion, uniting people deeply.” ~ Elise Boulding

When I read this quote today, it made me think back on all of the meals I have shared with others. The memories of some of the really special ones will always be with me. Thanksgiving, comes to mind, as well as Christmas turkey dinners, but the ones that are the most memorable, are the simple ones. The ones that were spontaneous, the ones outside in Read the rest of this entry »

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"inspirational words"In January many of us are still getting over the busyness of the holidays. Some of us have made resolutions for the New Year yet by the end of January most of those resolutions have already gone by the wayside. However, February is a great month to pick up those dreams, dust them off and really begin to Focus.

I am sure most of you have already heard that what we focus on expands, but have you really experienced that in your own life? Have you really noticed it, because if you did, you would be very diligent about where you put your attention. Have you been tuning into the new with its stories of doom and gloom or have you decided to create your own news, direct your own show, with you as the star.

I’ll share with you a story here to illustrate the power of “Intention and Focus”.

I was in the grocery store last week and it was very crowed. Every single isle was filled with people and shopping carts. It was very difficult to maneuver my way through this crowd and on top of that there were a few screaming children along the way as well. I began to feel anxious and frustrated. I had to be at an appointment and I could see that this was going to take more time than I thought. And then I remembered the words -Intention and Focus.

So, I stood at the very top of one of the store isles, and I looked straight ahead to the very end of the isle. I focused there. That was where I wanted to go, to the end of that isle in record time, as if there was no one else there but me. Then all of a sudden, out of the blue, people started moving their carts out of the way for me to move by. I did this very same thing through the rest of the store, isle by isle. I kept my eyes straight ahead focusing on where I wanted to go. I did not waver. It seemed like there was a shift in energy, the children stopped crying, the carts moved, and in a few minutes there I was, at my destination, groceries quickly bought and paid for. It worked like a charm. It seemed like a miracle to me, but it happened. I finished my shopping with plenty of time to get to my appointment.

So, there you have it, Intention and Focus at its best, in a simple grocery store. If you don’t believe me, try it for yourself.

What about you? Have you set your intention for February to be the very best month of your life so far and if you have, then what will you focus on today?

I invite you to share your experiences, ideas and insights here by leaving a comment below. Your words just may help someone else see things in a new way.

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“The reason someone is a genius and knows things you do not know is because he has opened his mind to contemplate the “what if’s,” the outrageous thoughts, the thoughts of brilliance that go beyond the limited thinking of man. He has allowed himself to entertain and reason with these thoughts, whereas you have rejected them. It is very simple to be a genius. All you have to do is think for yourself.”
~ Ramtha

As 2011 begins to unfold, this would be the perfect time to take the advice in the above quotation to heart and start thinking for yourself, to start thinking bigger, greater, grander than you ever have before. To say “yes” more to what life is wanting to offer you. To dream new dreams and imagine more lofty ideals for your life.

I’d like to tell you a story here Read the rest of this entry »

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Some inspirational words today… about how what you are wanting is wanting you.

"inspirational words"After studying the Law of Attraction for quite some time, I really began to notice those times in my life when I wanted something, (consciously just thought about it in my mind) and how quickly it appeared, in the most amazing ways, at just the right time, for just the right price. Often it was something I had completely forgetten about, but the Universe had not. Every desire is a request, whether we are aware of it or not and will be answered as long as we don’t have any resistance to it.

The following story is a perfect example of that. Enjoy!

What You Are Wanting Is Wanting You! What You Are Wanting is Wanting You.

I have heard those words so many times and always find them to be so comforting. On the weekend, I went to several garden centres, to pick up lots of beautiful trees, vines, herbs and flowering plants for my balcony garden. I have been wanting to purchase a PASSION FLOWER plant for some time now. Passion flowers are exotic and mesmerizing. Small round fruits follow after the exotic flowers.

I saw one a few weeks ago, but it was $75.00, which I thought was just a little bit too expensive for one plant. But I really, really wanted a passion flower plant. I had strong emotion around it, and whenever I really, really want something, I always get it. I didn’t want to pay that much for it, however.

Last Saturday, in one of the garden centres, I found the most beautiful passion flower plant I had ever seen. It was covered from top to bottom with an abundance of beautiful buds, and many flowers, which were already in bloom. My friend held it up in the air so that I could take a closer look, and at just that moment, one of the long tendrils on the plant literally reached around and over to me, and attached itself to the button on my blouse.

I was stunned! My friend’s jaw dropped! And then, I remembered the words I had heard so often. “What you are wanting, is wanting you”. I knew this plant was for me. We belonged together. It was just waiting there for me to come and pick it up. I purchased it right on the spot, and it only cost $39.00!!!

So, YOU might want to ask yourself, what it is that YOU – REALLY, REALLY WANT? And then, be on the lookout, because you are sure to get it.

Copyright © by Veronica Hay

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"inspirational words"The concept of Agelessness has always both fascinated and perplexed me. I have known people who joyfully, never seemed to age and I have know those who, very sadly, grew old long before their time. And so, in an interview I conducted with Dr. Deepak Chopra, I asked him the following question about Agelessness. What he answered has stayed with me always and served me very well. I hope it does the same for you.

Here is my question: Dr. Chopra, you have stated that if we could effectively trigger the intention not to age, the body would carry it out automatically. Could you explain that? Read the rest of this entry »

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