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inspirational words - window boxThere is a proliferation of self improvement products and services in the marketplace these days. Courses, workshops, books, e-books, classes, teleclasses, videos, audio tapes, CD’s, DVD’s etc. And there appears to be more coming all of the time.

Some people go from one book to another, one workshop to another, one guru to another, in an never ending attempt to be fixed, hoping to some day get it right, to ultimately uncover the secret to all things from happiness, enlightenment, success and everything in between.

So many of us are left disillusioned, discouraged and defeated, feeling worse than when we started, frustrated and even saddened that none of this stuff seems to really work for us in a big enough way that makes us feel victorious or even good about ourselves.

But what if we never needed to be fixed in the first place. What if we Read the rest of this entry »

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"inspirational words - fairy"

My Garden Fairy

These last few days have been for me, a dark night of the soul. Every belief I held, every truth I thought I knew and every answer I had, have all been shattered.

And even though I was surrounded by people, I felt alone, abandoned and afraid.

And yet, through all of it, I also felt higher, as though someone or something were carrying me, lifting me, loving me. And so this time instead of running from the pain, despair and confusion, I embraced it and what happened surprised me. The pain, despair and confusion became my doorway to freedom. All sorts of insights and inspirations flooded into my consciousness. It was as though I had access to a different time and place and was able to see with new eyes.

I have been searching for the truth all of my life in so many places. I thought there was only one truth and that I came here to find that truth and that if I went to enough seminars and took enough courses and read enough books and did enough affirmations that somehow I would find it. Enough, enough, enough already! It was never enough. I was never enough. And now I have found myself in this place and I realized that …

No one can tell you what your truth is or how to get there.

They can only soften the path a little.

But if you are awake and alive, there will come a time when

you will have to examine your own heart.

During this time, I thought often of Read the rest of this entry »

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inspirational sayings - pink flowerI have some questions for you this morning.

How do you see the world? Do you see the glass as half full or half empty?

Do you complain and focus on what you don’t have instead of what you do have?

Do you take secret enjoyment in someone else’s failure or embarrassment?

Do you judge others? Do you see yourself as a victim? (Don’t worry – we have all been there at one time or another.)

Do you use the words SHOULD and CAN’T a lot, as in “I should do this” and “I can’t afford it.”

Are you resentful of another’s success or do you celebrate it?

Do you look for the worst or the best in people?

Do you see the world as a safe place full of people who are happy to support you? Or do you see the world as fearful, a place where you always have to be on guard, in case someone might steal from you, lie to you or hurt you in some way?

In other words, what do you believe about the world and focus on for the majority of your day?

Remember that what you focus on expands. You are much more powerful than your realize. Your thoughts are Read the rest of this entry »

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Some inspirational words today… about how what you are wanting is wanting you.

"inspirational words"After studying the Law of Attraction for quite some time, I really began to notice those times in my life when I wanted something, (consciously just thought about it in my mind) and how quickly it appeared, in the most amazing ways, at just the right time, for just the right price. Often it was something I had completely forgetten about, but the Universe had not. Every desire is a request, whether we are aware of it or not and will be answered as long as we don’t have any resistance to it.

The following story is a perfect example of that. Enjoy!

What You Are Wanting Is Wanting You! What You Are Wanting is Wanting You.

I have heard those words so many times and always find them to be so comforting. On the weekend, I went to several garden centres, to pick up lots of beautiful trees, vines, herbs and flowering plants for my balcony garden. I have been wanting to purchase a PASSION FLOWER plant for some time now. Passion flowers are exotic and mesmerizing. Small round fruits follow after the exotic flowers.

I saw one a few weeks ago, but it was $75.00, which I thought was just a little bit too expensive for one plant. But I really, really wanted a passion flower plant. I had strong emotion around it, and whenever I really, really want something, I always get it. I didn’t want to pay that much for it, however.

Last Saturday, in one of the garden centres, I found the most beautiful passion flower plant I had ever seen. It was covered from top to bottom with an abundance of beautiful buds, and many flowers, which were already in bloom. My friend held it up in the air so that I could take a closer look, and at just that moment, one of the long tendrils on the plant literally reached around and over to me, and attached itself to the button on my blouse.

I was stunned! My friend’s jaw dropped! And then, I remembered the words I had heard so often. “What you are wanting, is wanting you”. I knew this plant was for me. We belonged together. It was just waiting there for me to come and pick it up. I purchased it right on the spot, and it only cost $39.00!!!

So, YOU might want to ask yourself, what it is that YOU – REALLY, REALLY WANT? And then, be on the lookout, because you are sure to get it.

Copyright © by Veronica Hay

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“No matter what anybody tells you, words and ideas can change the world.” ~ John Keating (from the movie, Dead Poets Society) …

I have been writing inspirational words as far back as I can remember. I recall reading somewhere that a good way to uncover your true purpose in life is to remember the things you did as a child that you enjoyed the most, the things you seemed to do a lot of.

In thinking back to those innocent and seemingly carefree days, I remembered Inspirational Words that every afternoon when my mother took a nap, I would lie down next to her on the bed and proceed to tell her a story. We had no inspirational books in the house in those days, actually no books whatsoever,  and so I would make up my own stories. I would tell her tales of faraway places, of kings and queens and castles. I would regale her with accounts of people who possessed magical powers and worlds where everything was perfect, beautiful, steadfast and true. They would always have happy endings.

Some days, I would Read the rest of this entry »

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Some inspirational words today… about your everyday thoughts…

"inspirational words"For for the past 10 days or so, I have been writing down any negative thoughts that I have, as soon as I become aware of them. I am surprised by how many seemingly insignificant, critical thoughts cross my mind each day. I have always considered myself to be a very positive person, and so I am amazed at how many negative little musings still sneak in.

As soon as I made a commitment to do this, I started really noticing them. LIttle things like, “what a gloomy looking day”, or “that person isn’t doing a very good job”, or “what a terrible driver” etc. I suddenly became very conscious of what was going on in my head. I am also recording the positive thoughts and experiences as well, and in time, there will be much more positive than negative.

Most of us have these kinds of thoughts running through our minds constantly, Read the rest of this entry »

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Some inspirational words today about… the joy in simple things.

"inspirational words"I am a morning person and some days I think that the light will just never come. Sometimes the darkness scares me. I think this time of year brings up a lot of feelings that we don’t really have to deal with in the Spring and Summertime. Deep seated feelings of sadness and even despair. It is not fashionable these days to talk about that. But I do think that there comes a time when we really do have to feel those things. Really feel them, not dwell on them, but feel them, share them if we need to and then let them go. There will always be more feelings that surface as long as we are in these human bodies, much like the peeling of an onion. It is part of life. Part of being human. It helps to know that we are not alone. That others are feeling the same way. Not because misery loves company, but because we are all Read the rest of this entry »

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