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"inspirational words"In January many of us are still getting over the busyness of the holidays. Some of us have made resolutions for the New Year yet by the end of January most of those resolutions have already gone by the wayside. However, February is a great month to pick up those dreams, dust them off and really begin to Focus.

I am sure most of you have already heard that what we focus on expands, but have you really experienced that in your own life? Have you really noticed it, because if you did, you would be very diligent about where you put your attention. Have you been tuning into the new with its stories of doom and gloom or have you decided to create your own news, direct your own show, with you as the star.

I’ll share with you a story here to illustrate the power of “Intention and Focus”.

I was in the grocery store last week and it was very crowed. Every single isle was filled with people and shopping carts. It was very difficult to maneuver my way through this crowd and on top of that there were a few screaming children along the way as well. I began to feel anxious and frustrated. I had to be at an appointment and I could see that this was going to take more time than I thought. And then I remembered the words -Intention and Focus.

So, I stood at the very top of one of the store isles, and I looked straight ahead to the very end of the isle. I focused there. That was where I wanted to go, to the end of that isle in record time, as if there was no one else there but me. Then all of a sudden, out of the blue, people started moving their carts out of the way for me to move by. I did this very same thing through the rest of the store, isle by isle. I kept my eyes straight ahead focusing on where I wanted to go. I did not waver. It seemed like there was a shift in energy, the children stopped crying, the carts moved, and in a few minutes there I was, at my destination, groceries quickly bought and paid for. It worked like a charm. It seemed like a miracle to me, but it happened. I finished my shopping with plenty of time to get to my appointment.

So, there you have it, Intention and Focus at its best, in a simple grocery store. If you don’t believe me, try it for yourself.

What about you? Have you set your intention for February to be the very best month of your life so far and if you have, then what will you focus on today?

I invite you to share your experiences, ideas and insights here by leaving a comment below. Your words just may help someone else see things in a new way.

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"inspirational words"Today, just a little something about the concept of detachment.

I think the easy parts about manifesting / creating those things that we want in our lives is the desire and the imagining. Those are the fun parts. For me the hard part is detachment.

Often we get attached to how it is going to come to us, or when, or where. And of course, this stops the flow. We get in our own way.

The secret is in the allowing and with the allowing comes the “letting go”

To give you an example from my own life, several years ago, after being very happily Read the rest of this entry »

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I like to pick a word that represents what I want to experience in any given period of time. It can be a new word for a new year, or a new month, or a new season, whatever you like.

This is a word that you can speak, write or make into a post-it note, or sign on your wall that you will see often and enjoy looking at. You can be creative about your presentation. One person I know of had his word tattooed on his arm.
(I don’t recommend getting that carried away.)

In the past, I have chosen words that embodied the essence, of the things I wanted to create and experience more of in my life, such as:
MISCHIEVOUS (that was a good year)

I think you are getting my drift. You will be surprised by how much impact just doing this one little exercise can have upon your life.

So, please spend a few minutes thinking about your word today and if nothing comes to you, not to worry, just let it go and the right word will show up at the perfect time. I asked for mine in January and it showed up yesterday morning.

My word is “FRUITFUL”.
I looked it up in the dictionary and here is what it means:
prolific, high-yielding; fruit-bearing, productive, constructive, useful, worthwhile, helpful, beneficial, valuable, rewarding, PROFITABLE, advantageous, gainful, SUCCESSFUL, effective, well-spent.

I want February and all of 2009 to be very Fruitful for you and for me. How about you? What is your word going to be? Please feel free to share it with all of us here by leaving a comment below. I know, I for one, would love to hear what you have chosen.

Enjoy and have a very FRUITFUL day.

“May there be a miracle in YOUR life today and may you have the EYES to see it.” ~ Veronica Hay

Love and blessings, Veronica

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