The Centering

Dear Friends

We are living in extraordinary times! All over the world people are gathering together, meeting in groups, in person and also in teleclasses and webcasts to experience something more, an awakening.

The Oprah Winfrey / Eckhart Tolle webcast is an unprecedented event, 
a shining example of just how powerful these kinds of gatherings can be. 
And it is just the beginning.

I have been taking part in many such events for the last several years and from my experience I have found that when these meetings are preceded by some kind of centering process, it helps the participants to transition from what may be a very busy and hectic day, into a very peaceful and sacred space, a place where miracles can and do happen.

In order to facilitate this experience, I was guided to write what I call “The Centering”, to be read at the beginning of any gathering, class, teleclass, webcast, seminar, workshop, study group, course, wedding, memorial service, banquet, any event where the intention of each participant is to experience “more of who they really are.”

I offer “The Centering” here for you to use in whatever way may benefit you. You can listen to the words on the website below, and/or you can download the audio file for use on your computer or ipod, or to burn to a CD. You can also download the text pdf file that is available there as well.

There is no-charge for any of this, so if you would like to pass the word along either by forwarding this page link or mentioning it to your mailing lists, that would be very much appreciated. I think people would really benefit from it. Thank you for your help in getting the word out.

Take care and have a beautiful and prosperous day. 
Here is the website address:

Love and blessings, Veronica

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