Time For Truth And Awakening

 Time For Truth And AwakeningThe usual ways of coping are not working as well as they used to for most of us, and people will soon have no place left to run, no place left to hide.

It is as if a flashlight is being shined on our most vulnerable places and exposing them to the light. Makes one feel naked, confused, vulnerable and anxious.

The pain, sadness and despair that we have so deeply buried is being uncovered. Wounds are opening, hearts are weeping, tragedies abound and scars lay bare.

Beliefs are being questioned, motives examined, old ways of doing things exposed to the light of day and falling short.

Attachments to what we believe to be true are beginning to loosen. Standards of beauty, worth and merit no longer seem to hold up.

Foundations are shaking and institutions are falling away. Only those with integrity, truth and kindness will prevail and ultimately prosper.

The atrocities that were once tolerated and allowed are being discarded and abandoned. What once was considered too good to be true, will be understood as normal.

We are beginning to cease to believe the lies we have told ourselves, but only after we let go of the anger at the brave ones who had the courage to point them out to us in the first place.

We are becoming very weary of playing inside the box and starting to venture outside Into the light. It is the only thing that will save us, cure us and sustain us in the end. The Light. Our Light. Our Truth.  A deep inner knowing will prevail and guide each of us. We can’t ignore it much longer. Or pretend that it has not been knocking at our door for quite some time now.

I do not think that the caterpillar had it easy in the process of becoming a butterfly. It is much the same for us now here in this awakening. But what emerged for the caterpillar in the end was certainly worth it. Victory, Beauty, Wings, Truth, Flight. It will be the same for us.

There is nothing for us to fear, but much will surface to make us think that we do. It is part of the process, and some days will feel like a battle that we may or may not win.

I wish I could tell you that it will be easy for you, perhaps it will. I hope it will. I pray that it will.

I can only tell you that it hasn’t been easy for me. That I have wanted to give up more times than I could count, that the pain of it has been almost too much to bear and the anguish beyond anything I would ever have imagined. I am not the only one. More of us are beginning to talk about it, need to talk about it. More of us need to share what is in our hearts and minds and souls as we move to where we are all going anyway. It just makes it easier when we know we are not alone, when we don’t have to hide any more, when we can see ourselves in the person next to us and not envy them for what we think they have that we do not.

So, please join me if you think that may help you as we venture forth to places we have never been before, and experiences we are not even able to comprehend yet in a world that is still beyond our wildest imaginings. Please join me.

Copyright © December 27, 2012 by Veronica Hay

Much love and many blessings, Veronica Hay

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