My Wish For You Today!

 My Wish For You Today!

May there be less pain in your life today and more peace.
May there be less sorrow today and more joy.
May there be less worry today and more hope.
May there be less struggle today and more victory.
May there be less fear today and more love.
May there be less disappointments today
and more dreams coming true.

May today be filled with insights, inspirations,
ah ah moments, and amazing breakthroughs.

May you let go of the false illusions that still hold you captive
and embrace the divinity that stirs in your soul.

May your prayers be answered today, one after another,
and your wishes be delivered in the arms of the Angels.

May you laugh for no reason today,
and play with no purpose.

May you BE the gift that you already are today
for yourself, for another and for the world.

Instead of shortages and scarcity today,
may you be showered with complements, kindness
and an avalanche of golden crisp money.
And may you KNOW abundance as you never have before
and hold it in your heart, where the treasures reside always.

Instead of problems and difficulties today,
may your day be filled with ease and brilliant solutions.

May seemingly wrong turns in your day today,
be blessed with amazing opportunities
and dark clouds clear all around you
to reveal their delightful silver linings.

May you discover today that the wonders of the world are inside you
and wonder why it took you so long to find them.

May you be shocked today at what is possible,
awakened to the extraordinary,
and stunned by the magic of it all.

May you see where you had been blind.
May you heal where you had been sick.
May you understand where you had been confused.

May you know your purpose, rejoice in it
and finally give it to the world.

May miracles be the order of the day
today, and from this day forward.

May you sleep tonight with a fairy on your pillow
and wake up with a new song in your beautiful heart.

Copyright © 2014 by Veronica Hay

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  1. Barbara’s avatar

    Your words touch the very core of my soul Veronica.
    Thank you for sharing your gift with us.

    I love you.

    From My Heart,

  2. Snowy’s avatar

    Thanks V. Ur such a blessing in our world. Love ya. S

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