Today, I wish for you …

 Today, I wish for you ...

Recently, I was thinking to myself, what would the world look like if things started to go our way more and more? And, as if by magic, we were to have a perfect day? A day where all the little things (and some big things as well) turned out to be far beyond our expectations. What would we want for each other and ourselves, and would YOU be open to at least some of that happening? Wouldn’t it be such FUN, just to think about it?

On that note, I am sharing my wishes FOR YOU, with you, for today.

Just KNOW, that there is someone (me) wishing them for you, believing they are possible, and imagining them happening to you, the person reading these words right now. Expect the unexpected! Enjoy your day.

Love and blessings, Veronica


Dear Heart

Today, I wish for you…

Doors opening widely and invitingly, where they had previously been closed, shut.

Sincere compliments from charming strangers, who might end up being friends.

Unexpected, delightful money – coins, cash, bank notes, legal tender.

Succulent, melt in your mouth, to die for, chocolate.

Fascinating, riveting conversation.

Your favourite outfit on sale for 90% off.

Your winning numbers finally coming in.

A good-hair day.

A warm, soft, sweet smile that comes straight from inside someone’s heart.

Enough laugher to make your sides ache.

All green lights along your journey’s way.

Intriguing winks from a captivating admirer across a crowded room.

Everyone delightfully and most respectfully moving aside for you, as you move about your day.

Opportunities appearing from out of nowhere, ripe and ready to embark upon.

That certain someone you have been thinking about, calling you out of the blue.

A lost and cherished possession unexpectedly returning back to you.

A chance encounter with a kind and generous benefactor.

A secret from your past, revealing big changes in your life, for the better.

The innocent wish you made upon a star, or put under your pillow, all those years ago, finally coming true now.

A FREE, Starbucks latte, with lots of whipped cream on top. (Don’t forget to wipe your nose off after this one.)

Something simply beautiful, in your mail box.

Something simply amazing in your email, that makes you want to kiss your computer.

Extra long cuddles, hugs and kisses from the beloved, furry creatures in your life.

Taking the first step, (perhaps trembling just a little), towards a long, lost and cherished dream.

A text message so exciting, you can’t put your phone down all day.

The answer to your most heartfelt prayer.

Someone in your life who makes you glad you got up this morning. (hopefully me) :-)

And last, but not least, an unexpected MIRACLE!

Copyright © September 25, 2016
by Veronica Hay
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