Today is June 1, 2009. How will your life be different in only 30 days?

How will your life be different in only 30 days from now? What will you have accomplished? What intentions will you set and where will you put your focus?

If you could close your eyes and open them 30 days from now,
where would you like to find yourself?

What if you choose to be totally present and conscious for the next 30 days, not walking around in a daze, but aware of each precious moment, taking nothing for granted, counting each blessing, savoring each encounter, relishing each experience, feeling grounded to the earth, perhaps for the very first time, viewing it all from a higher place than before.

What new people, experiences, habits, will you welcome into your life and which ones will you have finally let go of and how will that make you feel?

What one thing can you promise yourself to do every single day, for the next 30 days, and keep your word about it, and how will it feel at the end of the 30 days when you have completed it? It could be writing an article a day, or dancing or exercising every day or simply remembering to keep your word. Keeping your word is a big one. If you did that alone for one entire month, you life will have changed dramatically.

Where will you be on the thirtieth day, what will you have accomplished, what will you have done with this precious thirty days that you have been given and what impact will that have made upon your life?

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