It’s Valentine’s Day – Remember the Love

 Its Valentines Day   Remember the LoveMy favorite day of the year has always been Valentine’s Day. It didn’t matter if I was alone on that day or not, I still adored it. Valentine’s day for me is a celebration of love, love in its many forms, romantic love between a man and a woman, the never-ending love of family and dear friends, the enduring love between a parent and child, the abiding love between a human and their beloved pet, love of self and love shared with communities or the world.

In our society we seem to need an excuse to tell people how we feel about them, or show them with tokens of our affection. At Christmas, we exchange gifts and take time away from our busy schedules to be with the people who really matter in our lives. On Valentine’s day we are presented with yet another opportunity to open our hearts and share our souls. The marketplace makes it very easy for us to do that, presenting us with a cornucopia of delicacies and finery, from chocolates, to strawberries and whipped cream, to diamonds, singing teddy bear deliveries, and an abundance of greeting cards with just the right sentiment.

It matters not how you choose to serenade the ones you love on this auspicious occasion, what matters is that you do! Whether it be with a store bought treasure or a simple handmade delight, the form is not important, but the sentiment is! Valentine’s day gives you another opportunity to do something that comes naturally for you, as natural as breathing, and that is to BE love and to GIVE love. It is who you are and it is the only thing that really matters in the end.

I leave you with a Valentine Poem and my love…

A Table in a Restaurant on Valentine’s Day

I want to be a table, in a restaurant, on Valentine’s Day!

Think how glorious that would be,
And how many people would spend that special day with me.

What will they talk about? What will they say?
Will there be laughter and people at play?
What are their stories? How far have they come?
What will they tell me, the old and the young?

Will hearts open and tender souls touch?
Will there be magic that moves me so much?
Will there be secrets and sadness as well?
How much will they venture to be and to tell?

Will they remember this day gone before?
And where they were then, and now they want more?

And though they look different, with each changing place,
As the food and the wine, they’re invited to taste.

Each one is trying to do the same thing,
Whether in depth, or a casual fling.

Just for a moment to touch someone’s heart,

And feel loved by another before they do part.

Enjoy and have a Beautiful Valentine’s Day!
Love and blessings, Veronica

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